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   Chapter 1022 Let Everyone Know

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6921

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Even though Jean didn't say specifically that she was going to have dinner with Zed, she was still looking forward to what was going to happen after class.

After class, she waved goodbye to James and prepared to leave.

"It looks like your problem has been solved. Are you and Zed getting back together?"

Jean shook her head and said seriously, "No, I'm just giving him a chance. I'm not going to forgive him yet."

"But I can tell that you're so happy about it."

"Do I look happy?"

Jean frowned upon realizing how happy she looked. She pinched herself as if to ground herself and muttered, "No, Jean, you have to calm down. Stop smiling. Make Zed work for it."

Then she left with a poker face. James's jaw dropped as he watched the scene unfold. It was always difficult to tell what went on a lady's mind. It was never easy to figure out what made them happy or upset.

Zed was already waiting at the entrance of the club with a large bouquet in his hands. As Jean neared the door, she could already spot Zed waiting in front of his car. He seemed to be looking around.

'Wow, he didn't even know I was coming. He's not even taking this seriously. I'm going to give him a hard time, ' Jean thought to herself.

Jean had to constantly remind herself to be cold to Zed because deep inside, she knew that she really didn't want to do it.

"Miss Wen, your Prince Charming is waiting for you. Why don't you hurry up?"

A female trainee suddenly appeared beside Jean and whispered to her ear. Jean turned to look at her and noticed that she looked envious. This was the same girl who had talked to Jean earlier in class.

Jean didn't care much about how those girls chased Paul. She was afraid that being too bold and straightforward would repel other people. Grown up in the East, she believed that a lady should be reserved and graceful.

To Jean, she thought that it was a man's job to chase after the woman. If a woman chased after a man, she would only end up unhappy.

"Don't worry, you'll meet your Prince Charming too."

Jean comforted

When Julie's mother received her money, she was in good spirits. However, when she saw Zed and Jean happily reuniting, she sighed, "I never expected he'd have a soft side that he could show his wife!"

Julie, who had also seen the scene, was immediately irked by her mother's words. She gritted her teeth. "What are you talking about? Your daughter lost her job because of that woman! Or I wouldn't be unemployed right now!"

"What? Did you say you lost your job because of that woman?"

The horrible mother could care less about everything else, but she cared if Julie lost her job because that would mean that she wouldn't get her monthly allowances.

"It's true. She said I seduced Zed and made my life difficult when I still had my job. That's why Zed won't hire me back."

Obviously, Julie skipped telling her mother about the part where she did so many terrible things just to get a rise out of Jean and make her suspicious about Zed. She just wanted to hate on Jean and blame her for everything.

"That's insane! She's a horrible person and she doesn't deserve that man at all! You're so much more beautiful than she is. Don't worry, my daughter, I'll help you."

Julie's eyes brightened at her mother's words. She blocked her mother from getting off the bus and shook her head. "Don't worry, Mom, we can discuss this again on how we'll go about our plan."

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