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   Chapter 1020 The Weird Family

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6240

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"Show's over. Please disperse."

Zed waited for Julie and her mother to leave. With a sigh of relief, he tried to dismiss the crowd.

"You're the owner of the hotel. What are your thoughts on all of this?"

someone from the crowd suddenly asked Zed, blocking his way.

Zed glanced at him and responded, "In my country, there's this saying. Do you want to hear what it is?"

"Sure," answered the guest.

He shrugged as he replied. His funny body language sent the crowd laughing.

Even Zed's mood had brightened. He grinned and said, "If a dog bit you, would you bite it back?"

The lobby became very quiet all of a sudden. A moment later, a round of applause broke the silence. It took the crowd a few moments to process the Eastern saying.

Their applause showed that they understood the meaning.

"Everyone, may I have a word? As everyone knows, Miss Julie is a victim too. Please protect her privacy. If you want to post it on Weibo, please blur out her face! Thank you for understanding!"

This made everyone respect Zed—they all looked at him, thinking how worthy he was of all the praises.

At that moment, Hess suddenly walked in. When he saw Zed among the crowd, his heart started racing.

However, Hess didn't have a choice because he needed to face him. The salary Zed gave him was enough for him already to live a lavish life.

He didn't want to go back to his old life of asking his mother for money. The money Julie gave to his mother was not enough, and he had to deal with his mother's long sermons. If he could, he would rather keep his job.

Zed's expression froze when he saw Hess walking over. However, it was gone as soon as it came. He couldn't let anyone catch him looking like that.

"Well? Can you explain yourself? Where were you?" Zed inquired.

With Julie's help, Hess already had an answer ready. He answered,

ty clear on her intention as she asked Jean directly.

However, the girl just seemed sincerely curious, and she didn't seem to mean any harm. Jean replied, "He's my husband. I'm just a bit worried because he didn't show up in class today."

The girl gave her a sympathetic look and said, "I see. Why don't you give him a call? Don't tell me you're too shy to make the phone call."

She was joking but she was right. Jean didn't want to call him so she didn't know how to react to what the girl had just said.

She paused for a moment before replying, "Well, we just had a fight so I don't exactly know how to break the ice."

The girl cracked a smile and said, "Miss Jean, you guys are so interesting that way. You already know you have a problem with your husband. Why don't you try to solve it? What are you afraid of?"

Her words actually made Jean realize some things. She suddenly realized why she didn't want to make the call. She was afraid that Zed was tired of her and didn't want her anymore. She didn't mean to think that way but she had already told that to Zed. She was just scared she had hurt Zed again.

"You're right. I'm just worried about him," Jean said.

"Well, that makes it easier. Just give him a call."

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