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   Chapter 1019 I'll Call The Police If You Don't Leave

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6750

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"Then tell me how much you are going to pay me."

Julie's mother figured Zed was in a difficult position because of all her crying and screaming so she was somewhat proud of herself.

"How much do you want? Tell me the exact amount," Zed asked.

What he needed to do was to buy time so that Julie's mother would show her true colors in front of the crowd. The more despicable her behavior was, the better it would be for Zed.


Julie's mother said coldly as she raised her hands.

"Ten thousand?" Zed frowned.

She shook her head at this and corrected Zed, "No, not ten thousand. I want 100 thousand. My daughter is beautiful and she can have all the men in the world she wants. Besides, you won't even feel that 100 thousand. After all, she sacrificed herself for your company by sleeping with that man."

"Do you really believe that?" Zed couldn't believe his ears.

He felt bad for Julie for having such a terrible mother, but that was all he felt, because Julie herself was a terrible person too. He couldn't count how many times Julie had brought trouble to his life over the past months.

"Yes, that's exactly I think."

She wasn't able to detect Zed's sarcasm.

At that moment, the attendant Zed had ordered to call Julie had just returned. She leaned towards Zed and whispered, "Miss Julie is on her way to the hotel."

Zed nodded his head then again asked where Hess was. The attendant responded by saying that she also tried Hess's phone but he wasn't answering, thus she didn't know where he was.

What Zed didn't know was that Julie had already contacted Hess. She realized that everything had gone out of control so she asked Hess to leave the hotel first. When he returned, Julie told him to claim he had a cold as an excuse and that he'd been to the hospital for a check-up.

Zed might seem strict with his employees but that didn't mean that he didn't care about them. If he knew that Hess had a cold, he wouldn't have scolded him.

The moment Julie walked inside, sh

t think I agree with that," her mother said hastily.

"This is none of your business. This is my life and I decide what to do with it. Now just leave me alone," Julie said rather harshly.

"What if I don't leave?"

Casting a cold glance at her own mother, Julie walked towards Zed and asked him, "Sir, would you mind if I call the police to handle the situation here?"

Julie's mother widened her eyes when she heard this. She started shouting at Julie, "No, Julie! You can't do that! I'm your mother!"

"Huh, so now you're my mother? Do you think a mother does what you do to me to her daughter?"

Julie shifted her gaze to Zed, with tears in her eyes. Zed couldn't help but feel moved. He nodded and said, "Of course, you can. Anyone who tries to cause trouble in public should be handled by the police."

"Did you hear that? Are you leaving or do you want me to call the police?" Julie asked.

"I... I can leave but I need my allowance for this month."

Her mother compromised by offering a counterproposal.

Julie was already so mad but she knew that she'd get humiliated if she denied her mother. She nodded, "Fine, you'll get your allowance for this month."

"Really? Okay, okay, I'm leaving," the shameless mother said excitedly.

Then she turned to Zed and said, "Sorry for the trouble, sir. I'll see you soon."

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