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   Chapter 1018 I'm the Owner of This Hotel

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8023

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Witnessing the humiliating scene of a middle-aged woman call her own daughter as a bitch in public, the receptionist felt sorry for Julie.

"Can you help me solve this issue? If this is beyond your power, you should inform your boss that I demand him to come over. I need someone in charge to talk to me."

Obviously, as a receptionist, there was nothing that she could do about it. This was a matter of great significance, which could plausibly affect the reputation of Julie and the hotel. So, she forwarded the matter directly to her boss, Zed.

Zed was getting ready to go to the club when he received a phone call from the front desk. He earnestly heard the receptionist inform him that Julie's mother was causing some trouble at the front desk, and that she was determined to get justice for Julie.

He frowned as he heard that. She was indeed a reckless troublemaker. How could she be so merciless after what had happened to her daughter?

However, in order to protect the reputation of the hotel, Zed had no choice but to intervene immediately. He rushed downstairs wherein he noticed Julie's mother addressing a crowd of people.

She was rendering a memorable speech giving her views on what happened yesterday as if she had witnessed the events first hand. She spoke so dramatically and eloquently that she could perhaps pass off as a TED Talk speaker.

When one of the staff noticed Zed's arrival, he hurriedly persuaded Zed, "Boss, she is creating a scene. Now is not the right time to go over there. She will end up exploiting you to advance the effects of her melodrama."

The staff was right. As her speech progressed, some of the curious guests were already taking videos with their phones. If this thing got out on the Internet, the reputation of the hotel would suffer badly. It was always easier to lose one's reputation than to gain it.

Zed considered his position for a while and replied, "I have to intervene and take charge of the situation. She has blown up the issue out of its proportions. I've got to solve it in front of all these people if I've to have any hopes on an intact reputation of the hotel."

Julie's mother was smart enough, but her decision to publicize the issue throwing the reputation of her daughter under a bus was unexpected.

"Where is Hess? He's supposed to be here,"

Zed asked one of the staff in confusion, as he couldn't locate

the people seemed to have joined Zed's bandwagon.

She cursed her own fate. Zed had turned the table of fortunes instantly by earning the backing of the crowd.

Julie's mother decided to get emotional and squeezed out a few tears from her eyes at this crucial moment and sat down suddenly on the floor of the lobby. She began to lash out.

She'd learned the art of crying as per one's need from some Eastern women a long time ago. If things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to, you should try crying or even threaten to kill yourself to those who failed to meet your needs. Although it seemed a little ridiculous at the time, that seemed to be her only remaining option now.

Zed was confused. Did this woman hail from some Eastern country? How come she was so familiar with all these crying techniques?

But even so, Zed wasn't willing to compromise, because he was entirely innocent. If he extended an arm of negotiation or compromise, people would misinterpret it as that the hotel's regulations were easy to be violated.

Since the crowd around him were cautiously observing the drama unfold, it was necessary for Julie to come here and set the record straight.

He ordered the receptionist to call Julie, then walked towards the woman and looked down on her. "If you want to solve the problem, you'd better not manufacture a mess here, or I'll be coerced to call the police. You're in contempt of the law by doing this anyway."

Julie's mother was perfectly aware that if the police arrived, it would in no way benefit her. So she gave a nod and stopped crying right away.

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