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   Chapter 1015 Who Should Pay For It

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7205

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When she got to the door, Ellie stopped abruptly and said to the woman, "I may have missed to mention this point. My patience is limited and I cannot endure a long delay. I'll only give you three days!"

With that, she left without bothering to even turn back.

The service manager was in a state of absolute panic. She fetched her cell phone from her bag and dialed Hess.

Hess, who had been just satisfied, was in a good mood at the moment. The blaring noise of his phone ringing earned his attention. He attended the call and identified the voice from the other end of the line to be that of the woman. He frowned and said to himself, "It's her! What a nuisance!"

But in spite of his disdain, Hess refrained from disconnecting the call knowing that he must keep the woman emotionally stable. She wasn't expected to create chaos today.

"Honey, how is everything going? Do you miss me yet?"

During previous instances, the woman used to comply and joke around with Hess if she heard him say such words, because she liked the way Hess talked to her.

But today was peculiarly different. She had no time to flirt with Hess because of what had just occurred.

So she uttered to Hess plainly, "Hess, what are you doing? Something has just occurred. Please come over here quickly."

"What's the matter? What happened?"

Hess had been easily frightened lately. When he heard the woman's apparently legitimate request, he subconsciously felt that something might just have gone wrong.

"Don't even bother asking. Just come over here and see it for yourself."

The woman fiercely demanded that Hess should arrive in person because she didn't know how to convey the situation appropriately to Hess via the phone.

Hess considered his position cautiously for a moment and reluctantly walked back to the room.

But what Hess didn't notice was that Ellie hadn't gone too far after leaving the room. When she saw Hess return into the room, she felt rather proud of herself. Hess had gotten her into many troubles before. Now was her time to seek revenge from him.

"What's the matter with you? What's going on?"

Hess quickly scanned the ro

e punished by getting struck by a thunder'. If I lie to you, God will punish me by striking at me with lighting and thunder or perhaps, someone hitting me with a passing car!"

Hess's oath made the woman believe unequivocally in him. Somewhat embarrassed, she said to Hess, "I have some little savings piled up back home but it's only thirty thousand dollars, which is inadequate."

"Twenty thousand. We need to come up with twenty thousand dollars."

Hess thought for a few seconds. Asking Julie for the money seemed to be the only plausible solution. However, what he had been doing lately was disastrous, which got Julie burning with rage. He was not sure if Julie would help him.

But Hess was helpless. Hess needed to think about how he could convince Julie to give him the money.

So he said to the woman, "Alright, we'll take out the 30, 000 dollars then. I'll try to ask my sister for the rest of the money. You should clean up this room. Everyone in this hotel seems to spy on everyone else. We should meet as little as possible in this hotel from now on!"

The woman nodded and waited until Hess left before she began to clean the room obediently. Ellie had heard everything they had just said and felt even more confident in the success of her plan.

Back in the office, Hess began wondering as to what he should do to extract some money out of Julie. Julie had been paranoid lately and treated Hess very rudely.

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