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   Chapter 1013 Zed's Suspicion

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5836

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Hess was less perceptive compared to Julie. So when he saw Zed's enthusiasm, he thought that Zed was buying his lies so he came up with more.

Zed cast a glance at the tea Hess had put on the table thoughtfully and said nothing.

But Hess mistook the glance for something else—suddenly, his heart was beating too fast.

"Boss, here's the thing. I think it has something to do with that new attendant," Hess said.

"Which one? Hess, what I want is an explanation. Not some made-up story just so you can get out scot-free," Zed said seriously.

Hess was starting to get nervous. Julie had been helping him his whole life so he sailed through his whole life without a care in the world. He'd never been criticized by Zed, much less doubted.

"I'm not doing that, sir. You know I won't do that. My word is good. I swear that what I'm saying is not just based on some groundless rumor," Hess assured Zed.

"Really now? Fine, then tell me more."

Zed became interested. He urged him to talk more because Hess sounded sincere. He was curious as to what excuse Hess would come up with and what explanation he'd give for blaming it on the attendant.

Although Zed really didn't believe that it could have anything to do with the attendant.

However, since he was the boss, he didn't want to seem so overbearing that it might affect how his employees saw him. He wanted to give everyone an opportunity to speak up.

If it was possible, he also wanted to listen to the attendant's explanation.

If Hess had known that Zed was getting these kinds of ideas, he wouldn't have liked that. He wouldn't give Zed a chance to talk to anyone.

Since Hess was making the new attendant his scapegoat, then she'd long lost the opportunity to def

't confess. She didn't confess anything. I told her the gravity of the situation so I told her to think about it and come talk to me again today," Hess said.

"So has she talked to you?"

Zed inquired.

"Nope, she didn't come in today. I tried calling her but her phone seemed to be switched off..." Hess said.

Zed frowned because it seemed that he was wrong. He was normally right about suspicions like this and he couldn't help but feel frustrated.

Oftentimes, he tread lightly because he was scared, but he just couldn't seem to let this one go. There was something about it that bugged him.

Once Hess took over the hotel management, he'd be able to spend more time with Jean now and maybe, they'd be able to patch things up. If he considered this then it was very important that Hess would stay working for him.

"Okay, you can go back to your office and let's let the issue rest. Pay more attention to the employees' training. If something like this happens again, I won't let it go," Zed said.

"Yes, boss. It won't happen again, I promise," Hess promised.

He felt relieved. It seemed as if he was able to ward off Zed's suspicions.

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