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   Chapter 1011 Zed's Investigation

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6417

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Zed wasn't acting the way he normally would. Jean saw Zed like a mountain lion because he was strong and brave. Zed was anything but that—right now, he was like a scared and worried little child.

The only reason he could be acting like that was because of Jean, and she knew that.

However, just thinking about what happened yesterday already got Jean so angry—she just couldn't pretend that nothing happened. She couldn't just forgive him so easily.

Then, she looked at him and sighed, "Fine. Since it's already happened, I can forgive you but I want your explanation about one thing."

Jean's eyes were sparkling which made it difficult for Zed to look straight into her eyes.

"Jean, you need to trust me," he said.

Shaking her head, Jean said, "Zed, I want to trust you, but I need you to give me a reasonable explanation. Taking yesterday for example, what would have happened between you and Julie if I didn't make it in time?"

Someone had set Zed up so well that even Jean believed it. Julie was obviously drugged at that time but Zed seemed normal. Jean had a reason to be suspicious.

Even if things weren't exactly looking good for Zed, he still tried his best to explain the situation. He said, "Jean, it's not what you think. I didn't do anything with Julie. I didn't know what was even going on or how it even all happened. She might have taken some drugs so she could seduce me to spend the night with her."

"Oh really? Zed, how dumb do you think I am. If she wanted to seduce you, shouldn't she have drugged you instead of herself?" replied Jean.

"No! Jean, it isn't like that!" Zed said.

"Okay, then tell me. Are you going to tell me you took drugs too?"

Jean said exactly what Zed was thinking, only she said it in a sarcastic way. Zed didn't know how else to respond so he just nodded. Jean ignored the look on his face and said coldly, "Zed, could you stop it already with

out everything he could about the drugs.

Zed was a smart man. He knew that he had overreacted earlier but now he had a chance to finally figure it out. Julie had to know something about the drugs but she couldn't have been the one who drugged herself. It had to be someone else.

Zed had been extremely careful with Julie. He didn't give her an opening to drug him. These particular drugs were taken orally and Zed only had a single cup of tea since he saw Julie.

Meanwhile, Julie had a cup of coffee.

It had to have been in his tea and

Julie's coffee.

Suddenly, something came to him. His eyes lit up. He knew where to start his investigation.

He had to be discreet in his investigation.

With his plan in mind, Zed called Hess.

Hess was with Julie and she was very angry. The moment she saw Hess, she wanted to slap him across the face. She only controlled herself because they were in public.

"Sis, congratulations! How was last night? I bet you had a good time!"

Hess was a bit worried about Julie. He knew that what he did wasn't very nice but he had hoped that Julie would understand that he only did it for her own good. However, Julie was angry.

"You better have a good explanation about this or I'm going to make you regret everything!"

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