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   Chapter 1010 Don't Leave Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7117

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James' words weighed like stones slowly filling the room. At once, Julie found herself unable to say anything back.

He got dressed and left, not sparing her another glance.

It was the end of them. James had closed the door himself. From this point forward, there would be nothing between them.

The door gave a resounding slam as he left, and Julie was left alone in the coldness of the large room. She felt a wet trail flow down her cheek, followed by another, and then another as her sobs bounced off the walls. After all of this, she had gained nothing. What she wanted was farther than ever, and she had lost whatever else was left.

The man she desired passed her thoughts, but this time, she thought of him not as a lover but an enemy.

'Zed, this is all because of you! I'll make you pay!' she swore to herself, her fingers gripping the sheets as she cursed him.

But she wouldn't have long to grieve. Her phone started to ring, and she was yanked away from her thoughts by the intrusive sound.

It was her mother. She had called to ask how things went. Julie had promised the bloodsucker of a woman that she would give her money as long as she didn't interfere with her plans. Julie frowned and said to her, "Did Hess tell you about this?"

She heard her mother sneer from the other side of the phone. "You know perfectly what you were getting yourself into! Hess told me everything. People are gonna talk about it anyway! It's better for it to come from him. Besides, I'm your mother. Why won't you trust me?"

Julie laughed—the sound tragic and lifeless, and burst into tears. "Mother? I sometimes think you're not really my mother at all! Because if you were, how could you let your own daughter do such a thing?" she cried.

Her mother didn't seem to be the least bit fazed by what Julie had just said. In a cold voice, she scoffed, "You ungrateful bitch. I'm your mother! Who do you think that face came from? Isn't that what got you this far? I've given you such a good asset. Shouldn't you make good use of it?"

Julie fell silent. She shouldn't have expected any sympathy from that woman. She wa

gently, as if she was made of glass and would shatter with the slightest force. Tears fell down her cheeks, like two broken lines of crystals.

Zed felt even more conflicted at the sight of her crying. He was at a loss for a moment, and even regretted what he had said to Jean last night.

"Jean, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I... I..."

His voice trailed off. He did not know what else to say even when he so desperately wanted to comfort her.

She kept sobbing.

Jean rushed into his arms and buried her head in his chest. She was crying uncontrollably, her sobs wracking her shoulders as she struggled for air. Zed was silent, running a hand down her hair and shoulders as he let her cry.

It was some time before she calmed down. "I'm fine," she said, not meeting his eyes. "Let's just forget what happened today. I…" she paused, as if unsure of how to continue. "Thank you," she said even more softly. "If it weren't for you, I don't know what would've happened to me."

Zed's face turned serious at the mention of the man from last night. He lifted Jean's face until she was looking at him straight in the eyes. "Jean, please promise me that no matter what happens, you won't ever leave me again. You can hit me, scream at me, or even curse me. I'll take all of it." He reached out and took her hand, kissing her fingers. "Just please don't leave. I'll go mad with worry if you're not beside me."

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