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   Chapter 1007 Finding Jean

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6809

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The man waved his hand, calling the waiter.

The waiter was a young man in his twenties. He hurried over to the table. He glanced at the man's face and then at Jean. The barely-touched food and the almost empty bottle of wine told him that something was wrong. He bent over to Jean and asked, "Miss, what's the matter? Do you need help?"

Jean heard him through her drug-induced stupor and was trying to ask for help, but before she could utter a comprehensible sentence, the man stood up and said, "No, my girlfriend's drunk. I'll take her out of here. Here's the payment. Keep the change as your tip."

With a pat on the waiter's shoulder, he put his arm around Jean and led her out.

Jean's thoughts were a blur. The arms around her felt like Zed's arms. Relaxing at the thought of her husband, she started to let her guard down and said to the man, "Where are we going? Zed?"

The man chuckled. "So his name is Zed? The man who chased you earlier?"

He looked down at the defenseless, intoxicated woman in his arms. When their gazes met, Jean saw that the man's eyes were different. He was not Zed...

She started to shout, "No, you're not him! I'm not going with you." She struggled in his grasp and tried to push him away.

The man tightened his hold on her. "You're a stubborn one aren't you? But it's too late now. Just come with me while I'm still being nice," he threatened.

He half-dragged her as they walked towards his car. Then, he opened the car door and pushed her inside.

Jean's remaining consciousness was slipping away by the second. The drug's effect was so strong that it was impossible to resist it.

The car raced through the streets at full speed. It was as if the man's impatience had gotten the best of him. He booked a hotel room as he drove. A satisfied smile was on his lips as he looked at the passed out woman at the back of his car. He was going to have a lot of fun with her tonight.

Seeing Jean get into a car with another man filled Zed with burning jealousy. He could not stand t

who had just walked in with another man's arms around her.

"Sir, may I ask who the girl in the picture is?" she said.

Zed's eyes widened, sensing that the receptionist had seen his wife. He was almost sure now that Jean was in this hotel.

Thinking of this, Zed quickly showed the receptionist his ID and the photos in his cell phone that showed him and Jean together. Then he said, "She is my wife and she's been taken by another man. Right now, she's in danger. I'm begging you. If you know where she is, please tell me."

Zed knew that he was running out of time. Even one second was of great consequence. He had to get to her now.

The receptionist looked at the photos and was convinced. "All right, sir. Please come with me. I'll take you to where she is," she said.

She called in her colleagues to man the desk as she led Zed to the room. "The lady seemed to have been drugged. When she came in, I felt that something was wrong. There was no evidence at that time so I couldn't stop them, and the man who brought her in showed me his ID. They are here in this room," she said, stopping in front of a door.

"Thank you, miss. I hope I can find my wife!"

"You're welcome, sir. I only did what I should."

By this time, the man had walked out of the bathroom. He took off Jean's coat, and his hands began to roam around her body.

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