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   Chapter 1006 The Stranger

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8377

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The door of the car opened to reveal a young man. He had Western features—deep blue eyes and wavy blond hair. Even as he furrowed his brows, he looked attractive.

"Jean, are you all right? You scared me to death."

Zed felt his heart almost leap out of his chest when he saw the car driving straight towards Jean. Fear coursed in his veins as he imagined what was about to happen. Fortunately, the seeming nightmare stopped as the car stopped at the last minute, and Jean was all right.

"Excuse me, sir! I'm really sorry! My wife is a little out of control," he quickly apologized.

"Out of control? What the hell! If she wants to die, then she can jump off a building and not drag anyone else with her."

The man cursed aloud as he went back in his car and stepped on the accelerator, intending to drive away. At this moment, Jean did something that caught both Zed and the driver completely by surprise. She grabbed the car door open and sat inside.

"What the hell are you doing now? Are you out of your mind?"

The man shouted angrily with an incredulous expression.

"Start the car! Quickly! I don't want to see this man," Jean ordered him, not bothering to answer his question.

At the moment, she didn't care who he was or where he was going. She just wanted to get away.

Her cold and rude manner shocked the man. It seemed that the woman wouldn't listen to reason, so he just did as she said and drove away. He watched her by the mirror and took notice of her delicate features. 'Well, well. It turns out that little Miss Crazy here doesn't have a bad face, ' he thought.

Zed stared at the car with a helpless expression as it drove away. He ran as quickly as he could to catch up and shouted, "Stop the car! Hey you!

Jean, where are you going? Get out of there!"

His screams were only swallowed by the wind. The car had gone far off by now, and Jean didn't hear a single word of what Zed shouted. What was more, the stranger drove so fast that it was impossible to catch up to him. Defeated, Zed slumped down by the roadside, panting.

He thought for some time and then took out his phone to call Jean. It came as no surprise to him when she hung up directly. Zed attempted to call her several times again, until she finally turned her phone off, sitting inside a stranger's car and silently fuming with her arms crossed over her chest.

The man, on the other hand, took out his phone and called his girlfriend, saying, "Hello, babe. I have some urgent business to d

ted to spin, and the man sitting in front of her seemed like Zed. She blinked, and the man was once again the stranger.

'What's wrong with me? Do I miss Zed that much?' she wondered.

Half an hour later, the drug had taken full effect. A disturbing feeling settled over Jean as her body heated up. It was as if she was burning. Her body felt heavy and she slumped back on her chair. She couldn't make sense of what was happening to her.

"Are you okay, beautiful? Are you drunk?" the man asked, peering down at her.

He knew perfectly well what was going on, but he put on a facade of confusion. He rose from his chair and grabbed Jean's hand, pretending to be concerned.

The warmth of the strange man's hand made Jean shiver. She couldn't understand why she felt so much fear. "What are you doing? Let go of me!" she demanded.

The drug's effects weren't wearing down anytime soon, and Jean felt strangely wanting more of the man's touch even if she didn't like him. She moaned as his hands rubbed her arms.

'What the hell is going on with me?' she thought.

"Maybe we should find a place to have a rest. What do you think?"

It was time for the next step. Still playing the part of the concerned stranger, he asked her if there was anything she needed.

"No, I want to go back home. My husband is waiting for me," she answered.

Jean couldn't regret more what she had done. She shouldn't have gotten on the stranger's car. But it was too late now. She kept shaking her head, trying to stay awake. However, the pull of the drug was stronger, and she just felt her head growing heavier and heavier as everything around her disappeared in a blur.

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