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   Chapter 1005 Messy Affairs

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7152

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James and Jean headed straight for J Hotel as quickly as they could. Meanwhile, after the phone call with James, Zed turned to Julie and found her bent on the floor with the cup of coffee overturned. "What's the matter with you? Be careful," he said impatiently.

Julie looked up at Zed and hastened to apologize. "I'm sorry. I'll clean it up right away."

"No. Just leave if there's nothing else. I'll find someone else to clean that up," Zed answered coldly.

He was dismissing her, and in such an indifferent manner. Julie didn't think that Zed would drive her away so quickly. She searched her head for an excuse to stay a bit longer because the drug had yet to take effect.

"Zed, why are you always so cold towards me? You know that I am capable. I can help you with the hotel business, and I'll be the best assistant, so why..." Julie said, her voice trailing off to affect sadness.

As she was speaking, an unnamable heat started to spread in her body. 'Why is it so hot?'

she thought to herself, pulling down her dress in a subconscious attempt to make herself more comfortable. Zed saw the motion and frowned. He was growing more and more weary of this woman.

"Whatever you're doing, Julie, stop it right now," he hissed.

Julie just shook her head and fluttered her eyelids seductively at him. "Zed, it's so hot. I feel like my whole body is burning," she moaned.

Julie's face was flushed from the effects of the drug. Her eyes were half-lidded and she spoke with a teasing lilt.

Zed recognized the heat that ran through him. He had felt this the last time.

Despite the tea, the drug still had some, albeit much weaker effect on Zed. He curled his fist and fought to keep himself sober. The last time when he had felt the same heat, Julie had also been there, tempting him.

But at the moment, it was hard enough to keep his head cool, so he did not bother to think too much about the connection between the two incidents.

Right now, the only thing Zed was certain of was that Julie was dangerous, and he had to get her out.

The tea had reduced the effect of the drug, but Zed felt uncomfortable

me sense into Jean. "What's wrong with her?" Jean asked James.

"They've been drugged," James explained calmly as he tried to stop Julie from what she was doing.

Jean's eyes widened at his words. She turned to Zed and found that his face was also had a reddish color. His eyes were hungry as he looked at her.

She was not a fool. She knew what that look from him meant. Jean walked to Zed and gave him a slap on the face.

Zed regained some semblance of control with that slap. He ignored the stinging in his cheeks and hastened to grab Jean's hand. "Jean, please listen to me. You're the only one for me. It's all Julie's trick. Can't you see that she wants to tear us apart? We can't fall for her tricks," he pleaded.

Jean's face was as hard as stone as she looked at him. "Is it all? Spare your explanations, Zed. I don't need them. Enough is enough. We can't go back to what we used to be. We're done. I am done with you," Jean said, then took a deep breath as she continued. "And I want a divorce."

Every word crushed Jean's heart. The broken pieces stung her again and again. Unable to stay in the room any longer, she stood up and ran away.

"Jean, where are you going? Wait!"

Zed shouted as he ran after her.

Jean's head was a mess and her thoughts were tangles. She rushed to the road blindly and was almost hit by a car. The driver slammed on the brake and shouted, "Are you crazy, woman?"

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