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   Chapter 1004 Attempts And Suspicions

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7337

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Zed didn't expect how determined Julie was. Conflicting thoughts stirred inside his head as he thought about what to do next.

"Julie, please go home now. I'll take care of this. I can promise you anything else, as long as you don't go to Jean."

Julie kept a calm face even as her insides boiled. Just as she opened her mouth to reply, a knock sounded on the door. It was Hess, walking inside with a cup of tea and another cup of coffee.

The tea was for Zed, and since Julie did not particularly like tea, Hess got her coffee instead.

He placed the coffee in front of Julie and gave a discreet but meaningful look. Then, he got out of the room.

Zed started to feel a little thirsty from all the talking and picked up the cup to take a sip of the tea.

Hess was able to catch this before he was completely out of the room. He paused at the doorstep, taking a long look at him and inwardly brimming with pride. 'Perfect, ' he thought. He doubled the amount of drug this time to guarantee that Julie would succeed in seducing Zed.

They had failed last time. Hess blamed it on the drug, thinking that it was a counterfeit, or just not potent enough, but when he tried it for himself, he discovered that it was the real thing.

He was still uncertain about the reason why it had no effect on Zed. Perhaps he had higher resistance? Taking this into consideration, Hess doubled the dose and looked forward to their seeming victory.

What he did not know was that tea in itself was a powerful resisting agent that nullified the drug's effects. In the East, there was an old rule that medicine could not be taken with tea, because the latter would weaken the former's effects.

Of course, Hess could not possibly know about something so implicit in a foreign culture, which was the reason why he chose to serve Zed tea again.

The drug would be diluted by the tea, and so even doubling the amount of drug would not have cause any significant change to a person.

On the contrary, it was Julie who was in trouble.

It wasn't only Zed's drink that had been drugged. In order to give his sister an unforgettable night, Hess had secretly added the drug to Julie's coffee. In his self

ght. Zed is with Julie."

"What? What's going on, James? Explain it to me!"

Shocked, Jean stood up abruptly from her chair looking at James with her eyes blown wide, as if she had seen a ghost.

Seeing her upset, James tried to pacify her. "Jean, calm down. I'll tell you everything."

"No. Enough of this. He can explain himself perfectly. We'll go to his office and find him," she said quickly, her voice hard.

Jean was filled with rage at the thought that Zed was seeing Julie secretly. She wouldn't be able to wait any longer. She turned around and started off for Zed's office.

She had only taken a few steps when she felt a hand grab her arm. "Don't be in such a hurry," James said, "Maybe it's not what you think."

A part of him regretted that he had told her everything on impulse, and now, there was no way for him to take it back.

"No, I understand it perfectly. Now, I'll just go and see it for myself," Jean refused. "James, you're my best friend. Please don't stop me."

Seeing the determination in her eyes, James let go of her arm and heaved a sigh. "Then, I'll go with you," he said.

"What? Why?" she asked, staring at him in puzzlement.

James looked straight into Jean's eyes and said, "I'm going to see Julie."

His answer caught her off guard for a moment, then understanding dawned on her. She nodded to him and said, "Okay. Let's go together. So you can see for yourself what kind of woman Julie really is."

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