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   Chapter 1002 Julie's Solution

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8762

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Julie was slightly apprehensive and scared. She was afraid that if Zed didn't follow her instructions carefully, then she wouldn't be able to attain the job she wanted. Moreover, she might also end up offending this so called "guest."

Julie was very much aware that her relationship with this "guest" was very simple and straightforward. They were just making a deal. The man agreed to Julie's demand solely in order to get her body. On the other hand, she was going to the trouble of doing this much just to make Zed feel guilty. If this worked, Zed would be coerced to comply with some of her requests.

"Hmmm... But if we call the police, then everyone will get to know that I was being bullied. If that really happens, then how can I have the face to live on?"

Perhaps in some foreign countries, people were very liberal about all interactions between men and women. So even if such kind of things occurred, it was no big deal. Nobody bothered to waste their time on it. They just let bygones be bygones and got on with their lives.

But Zed held different ideas in life when compared to other men. He was raised to follow a very traditional and conservative set of principles in life. So if Zed was in Julie's shoes, he would also feel very bad for going through what happened right now.

Julie pretended to be very delighted to observe that she still had a role to play to handle the problem. She said, "Zed, don't worry. Let me have a talk with this guest."

Zed nodded his head approvingly. He had always been taught that cultured men respect women.

Julie was delighted to see Zed nodding his head. She went straight to the man and whispered, "Well, sir, if I refrain from informing the police, will you also refrain from exposing what happened here in the hotel to the public?"

As soon as Julie finished her words, Zed looked at Julie in surprise. 'What does Julie mean? Is she still concerned about the reputation of the hotel?' Zed wondered.

With that lingering thought in his mind, he moved over to Julie with an intention to stop her, saying, "Julie, I'm grateful for your kindness. But the sanitation problem of the hotel need not concern you. You just need to solve your own problem. I am the owner of this hotel, so I'm the sole responsible person for all that happens here."

"No, Zed, listen to me. Although I don't work in the hotel now, I used to be the hotel manager. Hence, I'm deeply attached to it. Anyway, I can't accept the reputation of the hotel to be ruined by such an accident. I'll protect the name of the hotel as and how I can."

What Julie said sounded quite reasonabl

d. Hess looked at Julie with strange eyes, and then he said to Julie in contempt, "Julie, is this your so-called plan? Seriously?"

Although Hess was not a smart man, he could see that Julie's trick seemed to have failed considerably.

Julie adored Zed, but Zed had seen her sleeping with another man. That wasn't what Julie expected to happen.

Julie was already very upset. Furthermore, she was even irritated by Hess' constant questioning. She whispered angrily at him, "Shut up! This is none of your business."

How could he bring up this topic now? Zed was walking a little ahead of them. If Zed happened to know the truth by one way or another, then Julie would get nothing.

"Well, Zed..."

Zed felt that Julie had been instrumental in successfully diluting and finally resolving today's crisis. When he was wondering as to how he could compensate Julie, Julie's voice struck his eardrums. He slowed down his pace and turned towards her.

"Julie, thank you so much. If there is anything I can do to repay you for what you've done today for me and my company, please do let me know."

Julie replied in a tone full of grief, "Well, Zed, can we have this talk at somewhere else? Perhaps, at your office?"

Hearing Julie's blunt suggestion, Zed raised his eyebrows into a perfect furrow. He wanted to reject her. But when he saw Julie's sad facial expression, he felt that it would be cruel of him to refuse Julie at this juncture.

Besides, there were so many people around them, so it wasn't at all suitable for them to have a private conversation. If anyone else ever got to know the exact course of events that took place today, it would undoubtedly ruin Julie's reputation.

"All right. Come to my office with me now."

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