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   Chapter 1001 Thou Shalt Not Do What's Not Right

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 5642

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Julie had a great body. Had it not been for the fact that she was his sister, Hess himself would have wanted to pursue her.

He unwillingly took his eyes off Julie. After all, Zed was here. He couldn't show too much of this wanton behavior of his. He had to act like a gentleman.

"Put on your clothes."

The man was satisfied with how everything had played out. He could see it from Julie's eyes that Julie was interested in Zed so she definitely wouldn't be calling the police. As for what would happen next, with Julie as a cover, he was not afraid at all.

This was her cue—Julie knew that it was time to bust out her acting skills. She deliberately exposed what she thought was the most seductive part of her body, hoping that Zed would be seduced by her.

Zed, however, was merely disgusted by what Julie was doing. He turned around and shouted at them, "Put on your clothes!"

Julie was a little aggrieved and said, "I was deceived by this asshole! What am I gonna do?"

She kept staring at Zed, quite intensely. Even though Zed could hear Julie crying, his face remained stoic.

"We slept together and that's all! Why are you even crying? It's annoying! It was you who wanted to talk to me. I'm single and I have needs. We both consented to it!"

Julie looked at the man in surprise. She didn't expect him to say something like that. She suddenly felt ashamed and tried to stop herself from crying. She got dressed and walked towards Zed.

Seeing that Julie was now dressed properly, Zed calmed down and turned his eyes to Julie. He asked, "What happened?"

What Julie told Zed was more or less the same as what Hess had just said. The only difference was that sh

all the consequences!"

The man looked at Julie and he had decided that if Julie didn't help him, he would tell Zed about her plan.

But Julie would not let this happen. When she heard Zed say that he was going to call the police, she shook her head and said, "No, Zed, you can't do that. If you do that, you're going to destroy your hotel. I thought this hotel was important to you?"

Zed purchased this hotel for Jean and even named it after her. He frowned at what Julie said. He thought over the risks of calling the police, then he said, "Julie, you're right. This hotel is very important to me but there's an old saying in the East that says 'Thou shall not do what's not right, ' you know what I mean?"

"What does that mean? What's 'thou'?"

Julie couldn't understand such an archaic word.

"The meaning is very simple. There are things that you can do but there are things that you can't because it's not right. What just happened here wasn't right and I can't tolerate that."

Julie's heart sank when she heard this. She was at a loss because this wasn't part of her plan—it had completely gone awry.

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