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   Chapter 1000 The Scapegoat

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7146

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The phone began to ring as Zed was in the middle of exercise earlier that afternoon. He cast a quick glance at his phone and saw Hess' name on the screen. He picked up, thinking that there might be some problem in the hotel.

His hunch had been right. Hess explained on the phone that a customer hadn't been satisfied with the hotel room he had booked, mentioning sanitation problems and even going as far as to threaten to expose J Hotel on the Internet.

Zed had an inkling that the problem was not as simple as it seemed. He instructed Hess not to take action and wait for him.

Zed excused himself from the class then drove straight to the hotel. On his way there, he thought of his appointment with Jean. Picking up his phone once again, he dialed her number and called, but there was no answer expect from the service operator. "Sorry, the number you've dialed is unavailable. Please try again later." He tried a few more times, but ended up with the same result. With no other way of reaching her, he could do nothing more but hope that Jean would trust him.

The problem with the hotel crossed his mind again. There were matters that needed his urgent attention, and he decided to focus there first. He called Hess again and asked about the situation in more specific details. To his surprise, he said that Julie was with him. As it turned out, the complaint was from one of Julie's fans, and she wanted to know what happened.

If Zed would have his way, he didn't want to get involved with Julie, at all. However, he was left with no choice, as it was something that concerned a customer and the hotel's reputation. It seemed that he had to see her today.

There was a nagging feeling in him that something was up, and he hoped that he would be wrong this time.

What he didn't know was that it was Julie herself who had planned today's dispute. If she succeeded, she would be able to take part in the development of the new hotel...

The moment Zed arrived, Hess sent a quick message to Julie, who was in the middle of seducing the man. Upon reading Hess's message, Julie asked her partner to stop right away, but havi

l the truth. "We are investigating it. It seems that the attendant who was previously in charge of this floor was unfamiliar with the rules and regulations, but there is no problem now. She has already been replaced," he said.

"You should deal with it seriously," Zed replied with furrowed brows. "The staff training must be thorough. Otherwise, we're going to lose our reputation and we wouldn't be able to recover," he said sternly.

Hess nodded his head to show his agreement, "Yes boss, I understand. I will personally see this matter through."

He was quick to think of a solution. Getting rid of one unknowing hotel staff wouldn't be too hard. No one would notice it. The attendant would be the perfect scapegoat and he would be able to get a clean escape.

They went to the door and were about to knock when a loud voice came from the inside. Zed's hand hovered over the door as his face visibly flushed. Proceeding to open the door with the room card, he was met with an unexpected sight.

The man was on top of Julie, who was lying naked on the bed. There was the unmistakable scent of sex that lingered in the room.

Julie had been angry, but it turned into despair at the sound of the door opening.

The man on top of her had just finished. Sated, he made no motion to leave her. When the door opened, he saw Zed and Hess come in.

Hess watched Julie and wondered what she was going to do next.

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