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   Chapter 999 A Plan Set Up For Zed

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6517

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Earlier in the afternoon, after leaving Harrison, Julie once again received a phone call from her mother. She was asking for money again.

"I haven't had a job in so long. I can't afford to give you anything anymore. Why would you even think that I can afford that?"

Julie wanted so badly to hang up the phone already. Her mother was like a vampire that sucked up all her money. She was so tired of her mother's antics that she just wanted to choke her to death.

Despite herself, this horrible woman was still her mother. No matter how hard Julie tried, she couldn't run away from her.

"So figure it out! Damn it, can't you just go out and get a job? Oh and not having a job is not an excuse for abandoning me and failing to support me. Maybe you should just marry a rich man. You'll be a well-kept woman."

Julie found it hard to believe that such cruel words could come from her own mother. What she responded with was even crueler.

"Shut up! Your son has a job now! Why don't you go and ask money from him? Why do you just want my money? I don't even have any!"

Julie roared, unable to hold her anger in anymore.

Her mother was silent for a moment, then she yelled back, "You're talking complete nonsense. Hess is still so young. How could you even say that? Ever since you were a baby, I've been taking care of you and you repay me with this? You repay me by refusing to support your own mother?"

Julie knew her mother was unreasonable. So when she heard her mother say that Hess was still too young, she was furious.

'Damn you, Hess, ' she cursed in her mind. Hess had been working at the J Hotel for quite a while now. He did nothing there but make a mess. He slept around and kept them at arm's length. All the girls were the same and they all latched on to the tiny hope that Hess had changed and was ready for a commitment.

Julie was seething at even the mere thought of her good-for-nothing brother. She cursed, "H

elp me with this, then you can have me for three whole days."

After hearing the terms Julie offered, his eyes lit up but again, he wasn't stupid. While the deal was very tempting, he had to be sure so he asked, "Are you sure that this is safe? What if the hotel calls the police?"

Julie smiled and said, "You have my word. The manager there is a friend of mine. I'll pull some strings so they won't call the police."

"So, there is danger. Hmm, then 3 days isn't enough. Make it 5 and we have a deal."

The man bargained and waited for Julie's response earnestly.

As an old Chinese saying goes, "Danger can never be overcome without taking risks." She was determined to take the risk if it meant getting her happiness in return.

As she thought of this, she said, "Very well then, I accept your terms. Now, let's get started. Go to the J Hotel and do as I've asked."

Julie felt a little relieved after she hung up the phone. After a while, she called her mother back. She asked her to be patient and to behave. She couldn't afford her mother getting into any trouble. These were crucial times.

When she finished arranging everything, she checked her watch. It was time. She dialed a number and spoke, "Do it now. Start it. Make sure you do everything right. Just as we planned."

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