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   Chapter 998 Zed Ditched Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6245

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Jean always thought that benefit-based marriages only existed in her country. She felt ignorant at that moment.

After a second, she deflected her attention to the training class. She glanced at her watch and realized that the class should have been over.

She clapped her hands to draw the others' attention and said, "Okay, guys. That's it for today's class. You're all doing great. See you tomorrow."

Jean headed towards the changing room after she wrapped up the class.

Suddenly, she heard someone behind her ask, "Miss Wen, what were you talking about just now?" It was Paul.

"What?" Jean asked.

Jean was confused—she didn't know what Paul was talking about.

Paul didn't say anything instead pointed towards the girl who was approaching.

"Oh, it's her. She was just praising you actually. She was saying how you're such a good student," Jean explained. She understood what Paul meant when she saw the girl.

Paul was taken aback by what Jean had said. After a pause, he said, "You know what? You're really funny. You have a good sense of humor."

Jean merely shrugged her shoulders and said, "Yeah, maybe. I have to go. My husband is waiting for me. See you."

She waved at Paul, nodded at the girl, and then entered the changing room.

Jean changed her clothes quickly and walked to the gate of the gym. She thought that Zed would be waiting for her.

However, she didn't see him there which made her a bit angry. She took out her phone to call him but she saw that her phone was dead. This obviously wasn't her day.

"Such bad luck! When did my phone die? Where's Zed? Did he ditch me?" Jean asked herself.

She suddenly recalled that she didn't categorically accept Zed's invitation for dinner earlier. Maybe he had already left.

But where would he go at this hour?

Jean thought that it was time for Zed to leave. She check

noon? But she didn't show up. I called her to ask where she went but she wouldn't pick up my calls," James explained.

"Alas! Love again." Jean heaved a sigh.

Jean didn't know how to comfort James so the best thing she could do was lend him an ear. She suggested that maybe Julie didn't pick up his calls because she was out.

"Actually, I already know what to do. Since she didn't want to answer my calls, I just won't see her if she comes to see me," James said calmly.

Jean really thought that James wouldn't be able to do that. She knew him and she knew that he would never be able to resist Julie. The minute Julie came crawling back to him, he would be welcoming her with open arms.

"I don't know what to say. You just have to watch out for yourself, James." Jean didn't know what to say to James because she didn't want to tell him what she really thought.

She stole a peek at her phone and found that it had already turned on. She grabbed it right away because she already wanted to call Zed.

After a few rings, a woman's voice answered, "Hello, who's this?"

Jean immediately recognized the voice to be Julie's. "Why are you answering his phone? What are you doing with Zed's phone?" Jean said, raising her voice.

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