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   Chapter 995 In The Most Straightforward Manner

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7176

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"Am I that frightening?"

Zed couldn't exactly fathom much from the boy's reaction. He turned back and shot a quick glance at Jean. He did not seem to understand what the actual underlying issue was.


Jean suddenly covered her mouth while shutting a giggle. "You probably should try asking a girl. You may get a little more information than this," she jokingly said to Zed.


Jean rolled her eyes at Zed. She wasn't entirely convinced that Zed was unaware of the real persisting problem. He was just pretending to be naive.

"Well, Jean, I was afraid that you might end up misunderstanding me if I asked a girl," Zed said, defensively.

"I'm not so petty as you assume myself to be!"

yelled Jean, letting out her frustration. She was a little displeased with the present circumstance she found herself in.

"Alright, I agree that I am fairly oversensitive."

Zed was speechless. A girl with long hair passed by and Zed winked at Jean. Jean nodded at Zed with a smile rendering her approval.

In fact, Jean's heart did possess a fair amount of guilt. This was the first time Zed was coerced to exploit his dashing looks for the sake of solving a problem. It was obvious from his uneasy expression that he felt very uncomfortable doing this. However, there wasn't a choice for Zed as it had to be done by either him or Jean. Zed would never let Jean do this.

"Miss, please excuse me. Do you recognize this man?"

Zed held Paul's photo closer to her eyes. The yellow-haired girl took a cautious look and then said, "The face does appear familiar but that's it. I'm afraid I can't recall more than that. I'm sorry. I can't help you."

Heeding to the pretty girl's reply, Zed struggled to hide his disappointment. Regardless of the initial setbacks, he was determined to not give up. He went on to ask if the girl knew the whereabouts of a student who happened to be studying in Paul's class.

Zed was crestfallen and wasn't expecting any useful information being extracted from the girl. But to his surprise, the girl's eyes lit up when she heard Paul's name. She replied enthusiastically, "I have a frie

was the first lesson and that Jean was also a coach for the first time, she couldn't articulate very well.

Well, the students hadn't really wanted to exercise anyway. They had some other thoughts in their minds. Every time Paul raised a question, before Jean could answer, the girls scrambled to answer Paul's questions themselves.

Paul was a little upset after a string of failed attempts. He gave up asking questions completely.

Although Paul looked pissed, Jean was happy that Zed had gone with her to the campus yesterday. She felt lucky to have done so, or she would not know how to deal with Paul in the first place.

"Well, that's all I'm going to speak in words. Next, I'll show you how to do the moves. Let my body depict the scenes. Watch carefully and then, try doing it by yourself. If there's anything you don't understand, feel free to ask me at any time. I shall provide you with ample guidance."

Boxing was one of the few sports Jean was well-versed in. At that time, because she was in a bad mood, she vented her anger and frustration through boxing. Most of the time, she didn't stop until she was sweating heavily and ran out of all the energy in her body.

Paul stared at Jean's impressive figure. She looked even sexier while doing those prescribed moves.

But before he could see Jean's every action from every other angle, a girl walked up to him and blocked his view to watch Jean's moves.

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