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   Chapter 994 University

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"Of course," Jean smiled.

"I'm serious. You can train with me, but you have to promise me something in return."

The girl regarded her for a moment, then answered, "Alright. What is it?"

The girl turned out to be more agreeable than Jean originally thought. She phrased it as a request, but in reality, she wanted to take this opportunity to let the girl recognize Paul's true colors.

The girl was obviously concerned about keeping an eye on him. There was no better way for a person to learn than to see things with their own eyes.

"I only have three rules. First, come to class at the appointed time every day. Second, do not make any scene inside the gym. And finally, do exactly as I say," Jean said.

The girl nodded at her. "I understand. I agree to all of them," she answered Jean.

Upon reaching their agreement, Jean told her to come tomorrow for the first class.

The two women wore smiles on their faces as they went on their own ways. It seemed that a resolution for the problem would come sooner than they thought.

"I wonder if Paul has other girlfriends," Jean said absentmindedly. She held up the cup in front of her and drank water as she talked.

"Jean, I think you have changed. You're playing a lot of tricks these days," James commented with humor.

It was true. "As they say, what goes around, comes around. If people treat us well, then we should treat them better. On the other hand, if we are treated badly, then it is only right to return the favor. Maybe this way, bastards would learn their lessons," she answered.

"You're right. I totally approve," James replied, giving her thumbs up.

"You know, it would be easy to find out if he has other girlfriends. Just go to his school and ask around. I won't object, even if you bring all of Paul's girlfriends to the club," James laughed.

James' idea struck her. It was brilliant. "That's a great suggestion. I'm heading there right now," Jean said.

"What? Right now? Are you serious?" James asked in surprise.

He had given her the suggestion only half-heartedly. He didn't expect her to actually do it right away, but he knew that Jean was a woman of action. She would always do whatever she said.

"Where are you going?"

Zed's voice came from behind them. He had just finished exercising, and he came to Jean the moment he finished. When he heard that Jean had come to the office, he went to her as quickly as he could, and chanced upon her conversation with James. His interest was piqued immediately.

Jean took in Zed's form as he spoke. His skin was a little flu

in Zed's mind. Perhaps if she knew, she would feel happiness, rather than anger.

To some degree, Paul's appearance also had its advantages. He was disgusting, but Jean had to admit that Zed treated her better after he came into the picture. It was as if the obstacle made their relationship stronger, almost as if they had returned to the past.

"All right. That's reasonable. Let's go and have a look now."

They took out Paul's profile and started their research. Paul's school address was written on it. The search started with Paul after all, and so it would be necessary to have a good understanding of him if they wanted to find his other girlfriends. The best place to look would be his university. He would certainly have a lot of connections there, along with the circles and crowds within which he moved. The people who surrounded him might be able to give them valuable information.

Paul's university was not very far from the gym. Zed drove while Jean sat beside him in front. Along the way, he took up most of the conversation, with Jean answering him occasionally. Most of the time, she was just listening to Zed.

Soon, they arrived at their destination. After parking the car at the school gate, Zed and Jean walked inside the campus.

It was a prestigious university with students from all over the world. Jean and Zed blended well with the environment. No one raised brows at the attractive man and the beautiful woman who seemed to be a college couple.

They started to ask around. "Excuse me. Do you know this student?"

Zed held a photo of Paul in his hand as he asked a man. The man looked at Zed, shook his head and said, "Sorry, I don't know him."

After that, the man quickly left.

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