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   Chapter 993 An Unexpected Solution

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6530

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James' expression turned into something that was akin to awkwardness and Jean was unable to read his face. Sensing his embarrassment, she quickly shrugged it off and said, "Just think of it as an advice coming from a friend. In the end, the choice is still yours..."

James' face brightened at her words. "Do you mean that? Would you still be my friend even if I stayed with Julie?" he asked, his voice growing more hesitant at the last question.

Knowing what he meant, Jean gave him a wry, unsure smile.

"Maybe we can, or maybe we can't," she said.

"Why?" James asked, feeling restless at her answer.

"Do you remember why I moved out?" she asked meaningfully.

Jean said nothing after that, and only looked at James. He knew that she was alluding to the photos on Julie's phone. There were also some posts in her WeChat Moments that she deliberately sent to provoke Jean.

Jean must have seen the realization on his face, because she spoke again. "I'm sure you're aware that no matter how close we are, it would mean nothing if someone keeps on trying to play tricks. Can you guarantee that your relationship with Julie won't affect our friendship?"

James was unable to answer. He knew that he couldn't promise Jean that. He knew what Julie had done, and it might be that there was just too much history between the two women.

"Please let me know what your decision would be. It might be for the best for me to keep my distance," Julie finished.

She spoke calmly, as if it was a matter of no consequence at all. But, truth be told, she felt the opposite. The time she spent with James had transformed herself from a sensitive and suspicious woman to someone who was confident and powerful. For all of that, she had James to thank. He changed her for the better.

James was a person that she trusted, and whose friendship she cherished. But now, the two of them would have to keep their distance because of a woman who didn't ev


Jean knew immediately what James was telling her. Besides, she already knew what she wanted to do the moment the girl had told them about her relationship with Paul. Jean was glad that she wanted to sign up for a class.

Nodding to James, she walked over to the girl and talked to her softly. "Hello, Miss. Let me introduce myself. I'm Jean, Paul's coach."

The girl looked up and saw a woman with a beautiful face and a great figure talking to her. Her face fell immediately and asked, "What's your relationship with Paul? Why did he choose you as his coach?"

The girl was obviously sensitive. She felt threatened as soon as she heard what Jean said.

Which was exactly what Jean wanted. Then she said, adapting an air of helplessness, "I'm just an employee here. Actually, I didn't want to be a coach, but Paul insisted for me to train him. I'm so sorry. I don't want this either."

"You can't. I won't let you be his coach," the girl said, her eyebrows furrowing.

"Miss, please calm down. I know you don't want it. But are you sure Paul will listen to you?"

Jean's question did the trick. Once again, the girl's face fell. "Then… what should I do?"

"You can come to the class and check on him yourself," said Jean.

"Really?" The girl's eyes brightened at her words.

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