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   Chapter 989 You Don’t Need to Argue If You Can Fight For It

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6484

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Zed was about to stop Jean from helping Paul up. 'This asshole! Why does he need help to get up? He didn't hurt his leg.'

However, Jean knew Zed all too well and knew what he wanted to do so she glared at him with a warning, "You stay out of it."

Zed could do nothing but listen to her. He could defy anyone except for Jean. He would never say no to her because he cared so much for her.

Zed watched menacingly as his beloved wife helped the student up. Paul was taking full advantage of the situation by putting his arm around Jean's tiny waist. All that Zed could do was keep an eye on him.

"You'd better watch yourself! My wife isn't a woman that you can mess with."

Zed's comment had startled Paul, and he quickly removed his arm from her waist.

Jean furrowed her brow slightly. Then she realized that Zed helped her get rid of Paul's unwanted arm from around her waist. However, she was fully aware that it was Zed who got her into this mess in the first place by punching Paul. She stared back at Zed, giving him an icy look that sent a shiver down his spine.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to do this."

Zed could tell Jean was angry. If he didn't apologize to her now, he would never get a chance to ask her to forgive him later.

"All right. We'll talk about it later on. Just help me get him to the office first."

"Sure, let me hold him up."

Zed grabbed Paul, pulling him over to him, leaving no room for discussion.

Paul had seized the opportunity to snuggle next to a beautiful woman. Now she was suddenly replaced by a man. It was evident that he was unhappy about that.

However, it wasn't an excuse to be angry. Paul had always considered himself to be a gentleman. So he had to calm himself down and allow Zed to take him into the office.

After James hung up the phone, he hurried back to the club. Although when he got back, there was no sign of Julie. He thought that maybe she h


James remembered the last time Zed misunderstood him and thought that he was dating Jean. He also gave him a few punches. Then they ended up going to the police station. This man wasn't a gentleman at all.

Zed didn't care what James thought about him, and he said, "There's a famous old saying in our country. James, I think you might be interested. "

James had always been fond of Oriental culture. That was why he was interested in Jean when they first met. So he walked straight into Zed's trap. "What is it?"

Zed smiled slightly and spoke in an even relaxed tone, "You don't need to argue if you can fight for it."

Then he turned and looked at Jean. She had to admit that he was quite charming while he said that. It brought back many memories from the past when Zed used to be so bossy. He had changed a lot because of her.

Jean's attitude toward Zed had shifted a bit. She felt a little guilty and wondered if she had gone too far.

James froze for a moment considering what Zed had said. It sounded cool, and James felt some admiration for him. However, that wasn't the point. Paul was sitting there, staring at them.

There was still the problem at hand that needed to be solved. If they didn't handle it properly, it could affect the reputation of the club.

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