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   Chapter 987 Keep A Foot Away From Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6672

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The moment Zed met Julie's gaze, he narrowed his eyes at her. However, he knew that he was just oversensitive because Julie came over to see James, not him.

Jean sensed Zed's uneasiness and couldn't help thinking about it.

She wasn't as confident as she used to be in front of Zed and still felt a tinge of estrangement between them.

"Why don't you have a seat and wait for him here. Have you given him a call and asked where he is now?" Jean asked.

Jean wanted to tell Julie to go away. However, since she was James' girlfriend and he was Jean's only friend here, she couldn't tell Julie to leave.

Jean's words sounded warm as well as intimidating to Julie.

She felt uneasy and nervous in Jean's presence. It was the first time that Julie had lost her confidence around Jean.

"I'm sorry for disturbing the two of you. I'll go now."

Julie rushed out of the gym as soon as she had finished her words. Once she was out of the building, Julie took in deep breaths filling her lungs with air. She felt like she was suffocating and would go mad in there with Zed and Jean.

Zed felt relieved when Julie had left. He was flurried that things weren't under his control at that moment.

Jean had refused Zed's request to move back to their house. He didn't want to push the topic because he was afraid that their relationship might become tense again. So he had let her stay on at the gym although it did anger and frustrate him.

Since simple persuasion didn't work, Zed had to resort to using his special skill. He was sure that Jean would finally agree to move back in with him if he made her feel guilty that he was neglected and lonely.

"Jean, we're husband and wife. We shouldn't be separated from each other for so long. Can you move back? Please..." Zed pleaded.

Sure enough, Jean's heart had softened a little at Zed's words.

"Come on, Zed. Why do you insist that I move back? I think we should give each other some space. This can work out for both of us."


r answer my phone call, or I won't let you go that easily,"

Julie growled as she waited for James to answer her phone call. Her large breasts heaved up and down looking rather tempting because she was angry.

A man was watching Julie and licked his lips, ogling her up and down. Even though there were many charming women around, this particular one caught his interest the most and was the sexiest.

James' phone rang, and he frowned when he saw that it was Julie again.

'When will this woman give up?' he thought to himself.

James didn't want to have anything to do with Julie anymore. But he decided to answer her phone call this time.

"What do you want? Isn't the money enough for you?" James asked, frustrated.

He could hardly control his emotions when he thought of what had happened last night. 'What a dissolute woman she is!'

"James, I'm sorry about last night. I can explain," Julie pleaded.

"I don't need any explanations. Julie, don't make a fool of me. I'm not a little kid. I won't fall for your tricks," James said.

Julie became anxious at James' words. She thought that she could easily win James over at least. But now it turned out to be another daydream of hers.

Julie refused to give up and accept defeat. James was also a good choice for her if she failed to win Zed's heart.

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