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   Chapter 984 A Gift

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8704

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Jean yawned as she looked at Zed with a confused expression on her face.

After a short while, Zed turned to her with a smile and took out a small box from his pocket, opening it infront of her.

As the box was opened, Jean's eyes widened in surprise. She immediately turned ecstatic after seeing a very delicate and intricate bracelet.

"Do you like it? Here. Let me wear it on you," Zed said as he took the bracelet from the box.

"It's beautiful, Zed! I didn't know that you have a good eye for jewelry," Jean exclaimed and looked over at Zed and back at the bracelet, feeling completely overjoyed.

Zed placed the box down and placed the bracelet on Jean's wrist. After locking it, he turned to her with a smile and asked earnestly, "Do you like it?"

"Like it? I love it! It's wonderful. Thank you very much!" After thanking Zed, she threw herself into his arms and felt much happier.

As they pulled away, Zed stood up and said, "I'm really glad you like it. Well, let's get ready for dinner." He then assisted her up from the bed.

When Jean and Zed walked out of the room, she found that Harrison and James had already left.

Jean shrugged at this thought and just followed Zed to the car. He then drove her out to dinner. Completely immersed in the delight after receiving a beautiful gift from Zed, Jean had forgotten about seeing Zed and Julie together earlier today.

Meanwhile, back in Julie's home, she was sitting on the sofa as she drank beer, feeling very upset.

Earlier today, she called Zed so that they could talk about the hotel again, but he was very cold on the phone. She had quite a difficult time asking for his location, and as soon as she knew that he was in the south, she immediately rushed there.

She wanted to talk to him in person in hopes that their phone call could be redeemed, but she didn't expect that their conversation would turn out to be as hostile as the one on the phone.

She cringed at the thought that the hotel was a gift to Jean, and therefore, all the decisions were up to Jean. If she did not want to deal with the hotel for the time being, then Zed would not want or decide by himself to collaborate with others.

"Why is this man so difficult to crack! I am so beautiful, but he is still indifferent. What the hell do I need to do to successfully seduce him?"

After saying this, Julie heaved a deep sigh. She looked at her phone and saw unread messages from James.

She picked up her phone and opened the messages.

"Julie, where are you? What are you doing?"

"Have you eaten already?" "If not, then let's have dinn

the waiter to order more wine.

"Are they friends of yours?" James could not help but ask as he sat down beside her.

Julie shook her head in reply and then pointed at Hess, saying, "That's my brother."

"Oh, so it is," James replied, breathing a sigh of relief.

Not long after, the waiter came back with wine. Julie kept drinking and did not seem to want to talk to James, because all she did was drink.

After sitting for quite a while and obviously being not minded to, James could not help but lean down on her and whisper in her ear, "Can we talk in some place quiet?"

Julie turned to him and could not help but roll her eyes and frown at him. "Why are you in such a hurry? I only had a couple of drinks. Can we talk later?"

James sighed and then shrugged, feeling a little helpless. "All right, drink as much as you want, and then we will talk later when you are done."

After that, Julie did not mind him anymore and kept drinking. Hess and his friends were also having fun, while James just sat there and watched them without another word.

When the bottles were emptied out, he kept ordering a new bucket and paid for it.

That night, Julie only treated him as an ATM, and besides asking him to buy more wine, she did not say another word to him and did not seem to have any intents on leaving.

She kept drinking until the clock stroke two in the morning. She started to feel really drunk, and her vision started to get cloudy. She got up and left the bar with such difficulty and without even talking to James.

James sighed and followed her out. As Julie staggered on the street, James only followed her and did not even move towards her to help. Instead, he was having other thoughts in his mind.

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