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   Chapter 983 Motorcycle Ride

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8089

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It was raining, and the air was getting chilly as Jean stood by the side of the road, waiting anxiously. It was a long while before Harrison finally drove up to her.

Her eyes widened in surprise to see Harrison and what he called as car.

Harrison drove up to her with a motorcycle.

Jean looked at Harrison and into the two-wheeled vehicle. 'Really? A motorcycle on a rainy day? How on earth did he come up with this idea?'

Harrison removed his helmet and handed it over to her. "Here, take this."

Jean shook her head, waving her hand towards him as she decisively refused his offer for a ride. "No need. After all, you will need that on your way back. I will just take a taxi."

Besides, it would take at least half an hour back from the south, and it was still raining. She could not imagine freezing before they could ever reach the gym.

Harrison frowned. "Are you sure?" Just then, he suddenly glanced back at the direction of the hotel.

On instinct, Jean followed Harrison's eyes and found Zed and Julie walking out of the main entrance of the hotel. For a moment, Jean felt like it was her who was being caught cheating, which made her somewhat a little bit guilty.

In a panic, she grabbed the helmet, placed it on her head, and got on the back of his motorcycle without any more reluctance. Patting him hard on the shoulder, she said eagerly, "Quick! Let's go!"

Harrison was stunned by Jean's sudden action. He shrugged and started his motorcycle. They flew past the door of the hotel with Jean not even daring to look back.

As Harrison drove on the road, the rain started to pour harder and harder, but there were a few cars on the road, so Harrison drove a little bit faster with ease. Although Jean's body was already all wet from the downpour, thankfully, her hair was still dry because of the helmet.

After speeding along, they finally returned to the gym.

She was as stiff as a robot when she finally got off the vehicle. Both her hands and feet were freezing, and she looked pale under the light when she removed the helmet.

"Come inside. Your clothes are all wet as well. I will get you a hair dryer to dry them," Jean offered and walked straight to the gym.

As soon as she entered, she found James sitting on the sofa.

Seeing Jean wet all over, James stood up stunned and walked over towards her. "Jean, what happened?" Then he raised his hand with his phone on it

n like me could get in trouble walking on the street," Harrison said in all seriousness, making him more humorous.

James burst into fits of laughter before pointing at him and said, "You… Well, I have to admit that you are indeed a little more handsome than I am."

"Think fast!" Harrison shouted as he suddenly launched an attack, which almost hit James, but he was still able to dodge.

"How dare you! I will have to teach you a lesson then!" James replied back.


As for Jean, as soon as she lay down on the bed, she suddenly felt the exhaustion take over her. She also felt a little sick after being exposed in the rain, or maybe it was because she didn't sleep well last night. After all, she stayed up until midnight. Whatever the case, soon she was fast asleep.

She had no idea how long she had slept before she felt someone gently calling her name. She soon felt a hand on her shoulder, and as soon as she opened her eyes, a pair of familiar eyes was looking at her.

She saw Zed sitting beside her on the bed, his hand on her shoulder. She noticed that the gauze had been removed from his neck, and he was now wearing soft casual clothes. Seeing Jean awake, Zed gently stroke her cheek.

"You should get up now, or you might have trouble sleeping tonight," Zed whispered after leaning at her ear.

Jean rubbed her sleepy eyes and sat up. She looked out of the window and found that it was already dark. "When did you get back?"

"It has been quite a while, but never mind that. I have something for you." With that, Zed reached out into his pocket as he searched for something.

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