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   Chapter 982 Isn't That Your Husband

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7388

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"Hello?" The man waved his hand in front of Jean's face, looking at her with an amused expression. "You haven't come to catch your husband red-handed, have you?"

Jean was surprised that he could read her so easily and her eyes widened in shock.

'Am I that obvious? That even a total stranger can read my mind.'

"From the moment you entered the cafe, you were sneaking around, spying on the man and woman that were on the street. The man is Oriental. I assume he is your husband, right? And the hot woman next to him..." The man paused, rubbing his chin while he looked Jean up and down.

"What are you looking at? " Being sized up like that made Jean feel extremely uncomfortable. It was as if countless ants crawled over her whole body.

"Please don't get me wrong. You're just as beautiful and in great shape as that hot chick. I'm just wondering why your husband would betray you for her." He frowned as he looked at Jean with a serious expression. "There aren't any great defects in your character, are there?"

Jean gaped at him in shock and was offended by his comments and bluntness.

"Sir, I appreciate that you gave me the handkerchief to wipe the coffee stains away. However, I don't think it's appropriate for us to discuss such things. Don't you think that it's rude of you to guess what's on people's minds so casually? Besides, why do you have to say it out loud? It's none of your business. Just keep it to yourself!"

Jean glared at him angrily, then headed for the door, about to leave.

She had just opened the door when the man caught up with her. He then held out a business card. "I'm sorry for offending you. I guess I did that out of my occupational habit. I apologize once again."

Jean glanced down at the card he held in his hand.

Apparently, this man's name was Harrison Ning, and he was a professor of psychology at a university.

However, Jean only looked at the card and didn't take it. Then she opened the door and went out.

She had no time for this rude man even if he was a psychology professor. At this point, Jean was more concerned about locating Zed and Julie and finding out what they were doing.

"May I know your name?" Harrison Ning continue

et. Jean had been standing on the footpath for a long time without having any success in getting a taxi.

There was a chill in the air, and it looked like it was about to rain. Jean looked to the sky and saw dark gray clouds above. Sure enough a couple of minutes later, the heavens opened, and big heavy drops of rain began to fall.

"Would you like a ride?" offered Harrison as he came to stand beside her.

Suddenly it began to rain harder. There were no taxis in sight which had upset Jean even more. She looked at Harrison suspiciously feeling some doubt about his motives.

"The rain has set in now. Let me drive you back to your place. It's going to be hard to get a taxi now that it's raining so much. You could also call your husband. He might come and pick you up, but it would be awkward for him to meet you at this time, wouldn't it?"

Jean thought about what he said. She didn't tell Zed that she was coming since she wanted to surprise him.

However, as it turned out, Jean was the one who got the surprise when she saw Zed and Julie together. It would certainly put her in a very awkward position to meet up with Zed now.

"All right, but I'll pay for the ride." Jean eventually agreed.

She was eager to leave as soon as possible, or she might catch a cold and get pneumonia in this rain judging by the luck that she had today.

"Okay, I'll only be a minute. I'll go and get the car now," Harrison said as he went to drive the car around.

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