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   Chapter 981 Coffee Stains

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8151

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Seeing both of them together made Jean almost collapse on the floor.

Her eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she could not help but ask herself, 'Did they just act in front of me?

Julie is seeing James, isn't she? So, why is she with Zed?

What about Zed's promise to me? Did he forget about it? I mean, he had promised that he would stay away from Julie, but why is he with her now? Have they agreed to lie in front of my face and keep in touch behind my back?

As for James, did he just get roped in by them to make the act easier?

Then again, the rumor about James and Julie in the hotel seems to be true. After all, a lot of people had witnessed them.'

"Then, does that mean both James and I got fooled?" Jean muttered under her breath.

Just then, Zed's head turned to look around, making Jean run inside a nearby store in panic so as not to be seen.

It was only until she was hiding inside the store did she come to her senses. She looked down at herself and wondered, 'Why did I hide? They are the ones who should hide, so what am I hiding for?'

On second thought, she was afraid that when Zed saw her, she would most likely quarrel with Zed again, which was not her intention.

Jean already had made peace with him, even though she still hesitated considering this experience as hitting a rocky patch. She also found out that the pictures Julie sent were fake, and the purpose of those pictures was to separate both Jean and Zed.

Nevertheless, seeing them both standing so intimately made Jean really uneasy and feel her palms sweat in discomfort.

While Jean was hiding and stuck in wonder and thought, Zed and Julie had walked out of the hotel. They were both talking about something and kept their distance.

'Perhaps, I was just mistaken about them?' Jean wondered. Feeling discontented, she took out her phone and captured a picture of the two.

"Excuse me, Miss?" Jean froze and was frightened by the greeting. As she slowly rose her head up, she saw a waiter and started to relax. The waiter came by to greet her after seeing her furtive behavior by the door.

Heaving a sigh of relief that it wasn't Zed or anyone that knew her, Jean took a glance at the waiter and the shop before realizing that she ran inside a coffee shop for cover.

"Um, I would like a cup of cappuccino, please," Jean said as she reached out for her wallet.

"Noted. Please, sit down. It would only take one moment,"

handkerchief?" Jean asked, reaching for her wallet.

"500, 000 dollars," the man replied with a comfortable voice, making Jean stop and look back at him in surprise.

"Are you kidding me?" Jean asked, stunned. "500, 000 dollars for a handkerchief? Really? You can already buy a house for that amount of money!"

The man smirked back at Jean and took the dirty handkerchief. "If so, then why did you insist on buying me a new one?"

He folded the handkerchief and placed it back in his pocket with a smile on his face.

In fact, the handkerchief did not really cost him 500, 000 dollars, but it still cost him tens of thousands of dollars, because it was for charity, and there were only three of this kind existing around the world.

Sensing that it was a joke, Jean felt a little embarrassed. The man was about to leave when Jean spoke again and suggested, "How about this? I will wash it and then send it to you when it's cleaned. Could you please tell me your address and contact number? I will send it to the cleaners."

The man eyed Jean and asked, "Do you like me? Is that your way to get my contact information?"

Jean frowned and shook her head. "No, no. Well, you misunderstood me. I just want to… Never mind. Since it seems like you don't need any compensation, I appreciate your kindness."

Jean felt a little gloomy before she remembered about Zed and Julie. She cast a glance at the window and was surprised to see both of them out of sight.

She didn't expect that they would disappear in front of her in less than a moment.

'Where the hell are they? Did they go to a room in the hotel?'

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