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   Chapter 978 Jealousy

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7627

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James had no idea as to what exactly had triggered her anger. He kept driving the car in absolute silence.

Julie sat in the passenger seat and kept looking out through the window grumpily.

"Are you angry?" James asked gently. Julie ignored him relentlessly.

"Is it because I had gone to do the dishes and couldn't take you home early? Is that it?" James asked again. That was the only reason he could deduce out.

Julie still chose to remain silent.

James was even more troubled. He parked the car by the side of the road, turned around and stared at Julie. "What did I do to deserve this treatment of yours?"

"Of course you're the one to be blamed. Everything is wrong! We were wrong from the very beginning! We shouldn't have made such a hasty stupid decision!" Julie said angrily. She raised her eyebrows into a perfect furrow as her whole face got reddened with rage.

"What do you mean? Do you mean you regret being my girlfriend?" James yelled, overwhelmed with dejection.

Julie turned her head and focused her attention solely on him. "What girlfriend are you talking about? Aren't we just pretending? We're doing this just to make everybody assume that we're not losers! We're destined to break up after we get fed up of this charade! It's an inevitable end. Why are you acting like this is real?"

While carefully listening to Julie's words, James suddenly realized that the relationship between them had always been temporary.

"OK, it's my fault,"

James sighed and drove on. After a while, they arrived at Julie's home. James pulled over and watched Julie get out of the car.

Watching Julie walk alone to her apartment, James felt a sense of self-pity. Without giving it a second thought, he opened the door, caught up with her, and embraced her from behind.

"What the hell are you doing? James, just let me go. What are you doing?" Julie was in absolute shock and struggled to break away from his hug.

She turned around and glared at James, "Have you gone crazy?"

"Yes, I'm crazy." He clenched his teeth and stared back at Julie.

A strange feeling in his heart overwhelmed him, which made him crave for Julie. Her emotions and words were directly affecting his mood, which had panicked James ever since they met at the seaside that

thing I've ever had! You're the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life and I mean it."

She was so happy to hear Zed's words that she felt as if she had eaten a jar of honey. She looked up and saw a beam of light passing by.

"WOW, I just spotted a meteor!" Jean shouted. She hurriedly pushed Zed away, closed her eyes with her hands together, and began to make a wish, almost reflexively. Jean had firm belief that a wish made keeping a meteor as witness would always transform into reality, no matter the odds.

Zed looked up at the sky and found nothing but slightly luminous stars.

"A meteor excites you more than me. You even dared to push me away! Am I not as important as a mere meteor in your heart?" His tone was full of jealousy, and he looked at her cautiously.

After Jean made her wish, she opened her eyes and said, "Can you be as rare as a meteor? I can see you every day, but meteors may not occur once a year. Of course I'm excited! Moreover, meteors mean good luck."

"Okay, you're right. I am not mad at you," Zed said.

"Mad? You should be embarrassed to be angry with the meteor. You are jealous of the meteor. Aren't you? This is just too damn hilarious!" Jean laughed briskly.

"Yes, it's not just the meteor. I'm jealous of everything around you, so... Be nice to me!" He approached her with a mischievous smile on his face and gave her a smothering kiss. He still didn't bother to ask what Jean had wished for from the meteor. Or perhaps, was it this kiss itself?

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