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   Chapter 976 Tell Them We Are Dating

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7273

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"Sissy? Who are you talking about ?" James stepped forward, grabbing her arm furiously.

Julie turned around and smiled at him provocatively. "Of course, it's you. Is there anyone else here besides you?"

"You!" James scowled and then picked Julie up and threw her over his shoulder. He saw a hotel close by with a sea view, so he immediately marched to the hotel's front desk.

"Hey, put me down! What are you doing?" Julie panicked and struggled to get free.

"I need a room right now, please. I want a king-size bed, the best one you have. It would be better if the room has some sex tools in it. I'm going to teach this woman a lesson tonight!"

The receptionist blushed with embarrassment after hearing his words. She had never met a man who was so straightforward. "Just one moment. I'll get you the lovers' suite in our hotel, sir."

"Great. Hurry up. I can't wait!" James said in a hurried tone because he was furious with Julie.

The receptionist blushed again and handed him the key to the room. James carried Julie to the lovers' suite and then finally put her down when they were inside the room.

"Are you out of your mind? Do you want everyone to know that you and I..." Julie was angry because of what he said to the receptionist. She felt humiliated and disgraced.

It made her look like she was an easy girl.

"You are the one that asked for this, aren't you? Why bother covering it up? Things would be much easier if everyone knew about us." While James spoke, he walked to the windows pulling back all the curtains and turning on all the lights in the room.

Everything was all bright and exposed now. From their room, they could easily see the people on the beach through the French windows. Also, the people outside could see everything inside their room since they were only on the second floor.

"What are you doing? Are you really out of your mind?" Julie rushed over to pull the curtains shut.

As soon as she raised her hands to close them, James strode over and ripped her dress open.

"Hey, what are you doing? Stop! What's gotten into you? The curtains... Don't... Could you close the curtains first? Please!"

No matter

I told you to close the curtains. Are you going to blame it on me now? Julie."

"Fine, my bad! Now Jean knows about it. And I don't know what to say to her. James."

When Julie read the last message, she froze for a second and bit her nails in panic. Now that Jean knew about it, she was afraid that Zed would find out soon as well.

Then things between Zed and her would be over.

She couldn't help but feel a little depressed, and her mind went blank.

"Hey, come on. What should we do? We're in this together. You can't let me take care of it alone." James texted again when he didn't get a reply from her.

"What else can we do? Just tell them we're dating. I'm sure you don't want others to see us as friends with benefits. To protect our reputation, tell them we're dating. Julie."

"You're insane! Or have you been drinking again? We are not dating! James."

"Come on. Is it that bad to say that you are my boyfriend? Couples get divorced all the time, let alone mentioning that we're dating. It's no big deal. We can pretend we're dating for a while and then tell them that we broke up. Or would you prefer everyone to know that you're my bed-buddy? And embarrass yourself? Julie."

Seeing her message, James felt helpless and realized that he had no other choice. Then he continued to type on his phone. "Fine, it seems that it's the only way. Come over here when you're free. Jean said she wanted to talk with you. James."

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