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   Chapter 973 Efficacy Of The Drug

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7501

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When Zed walked into the office, Hess handed him a report.

"This is the unit price just sent in by the bedding supplier we've been working with. They have raised the price without any notification, and I'm not sure if we should agree with it. Please have a look."

Zed took the report and looked through it. He found that the price quoted was indeed higher than before. "Have you spoken to them about it? Actually, don't bother. Go and meet other suppliers first and find out their prices."

"Okay, I'll go do it now," Hess replied, and then pushed the tea he had already prepared toward Zed's hand.

When the cup touched his hand, Zed subconsciously moved his fingers and looked down at it.

"Oh, I just made you some tea. It might get cold, so why don't you drink it now?" Hess explained nervously.

"All right, thank you. You can go about your business now."  Zed nodded and then brought the cup of tea to his mouth.

Hess kept his eyes fixed on his movements, trying to figure out whether Zed had drunk any of the tea. However, Zed held the cup to his lips while he read the report. He still hadn't taken a sip when Hess was at the door.

Zed noticed Hess lingering by the door and raised his head. He gave him a questioning look as if to ask if Hess wanted to ask anything else.

Hess gave him an embarrassed smile and bowed his head, then opened the office door and left.

He felt anxious that Zed didn't drink the tea that he made. After leaving Zed's office, he immediately went to the room next to the office and knocked on the door.

When she heard the knock, Julie's heart pounded with excitement. With a big smile on her face, she quickly went to open it. She was expecting to see Zed at the door, but her smile immediately disappeared when she saw Hess standing there. She looked at him with bitter disappointment.

"Why are you here? Where's Zed? Hasn't he come back yet?" Julie asked anxiously.

Hess frowned deeply. "He's back, but he asked me to run some errands, so I had to leave his office. I'm not sure if he drank the spiked tea or not."

Julie grabbed his arm. "You said that it would work. So how long does it generally take before it starts working?"

Hess scratched his head awkwardly. "I r

g at all. This had put Julie in an awkward position.

"Julie? What are you doing here?" Zed stared at her, questioning.

Even though Hess put the aphrodisiac in Zed's tea, the detoxification effect of tea had diluted the drug. Also, Zed didn't drink his tea in one gulp, but over a longer time, so the efficacy had long gone.

That was the reason why it didn't work on Zed even though he had taken it.

"I... I..." Julie stood stuttering in the doorway, panic-stricken.

"I thought I made it very clear to you on the phone last time. So why are you here now?" Zed looked at her with obvious displeasure.

Julie fidgeted nervously with her sweaty hands. 'Hess, you idiot! The drug didn't work at all. Now I'm so embarrassed and humiliated!'

At this moment she wished the earth would open up and swallow her.

"Err... I have something to tell you." Julie swallowed the lump in her dry throat and thought quickly about an excuse to get herself out of this predicament.

"Why couldn't you just call me and tell me over the phone?" Zed looked at her sternly as he lay the pen down that he was holding.

Julie played with her hair awkwardly. "Well, you don't seem to be pleased to see me here so I'll just go now."

"Didn't you say that there was something that you wanted to tell me? Now that you're already here tell me what it is. I told you on the phone earlier that we can no longer be friends. So let's get this straight once and for all now," Zed said as he stood up.

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