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   Chapter 970 Lying To So Many Women

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Apple Characters: 6694

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"Why are you answering her phone? Where is Jean?" Zed asked, fuming with rage.

"She's asleep. Just leave a message with me, and I'll tell her when she wakes up," James said in a low voice.

To avoid waking Jean, he took the phone to the hallway outside the room.

"What do you mean? You two sleeping together?" Anger rose within Zed, and he felt like he was about to explode.

'How could James answer the phone for Jean in the middle of the night?' Zed couldn't help speculating.

The answer was now plain as day. They were sleeping together!

A volcano was on the verge of erupting in his heart. He wanted to know for sure.

He rushed to the gate of the boxing gym and slammed on the door, shouting desperately, "Jean! James! Open the door!"

Hearing his shouts and the loud knocking, James frowned at the other end of the phone. "What a stupid jerk!" he thought aloud.

"Are you at the gym?" James asked grumpily.

"Open the door at once! I know Jean is in there with you!" Zed yelled through the phone. The wound on his neck ached due to the intense shouting.

"Are you crazy?" James rubbed his forehead in frustration. Zed actually went to the gym at such a late hour. He sighed and said, "We're not there now. Jean was suffering from high fever today and wasn't eating anything, so I brought her to a hospital. That's it. I can't believe that her own husband would suspect her of cheating! Unbelievable!"

"What? Jean is sick?" Zed asked in a hushed voice. "Tell me which hospital, I'll come right away!" Zed's rage was immediately replaced by worry. He blamed himself for being a jerk.

"Don't bother. Jean didn't get any rest the whole day. She just fell asleep finally. If you really want to see her, wait at the gym. I'll be bringing her back at daybreak." With that, James hung up the phone.

Zed looked at the phone, his heart beating wildly. Anxiety and insecurity overwhelmed him.

There were several hospitals nearby; there was no way he could find w

rs and looked at her earnestly.

"I'm tired, and you're hurt. Let's pick another day to move. I'm going in to get some rest." Jean took out the key to the gym and opened the door.

Zed followed her in without any hesitation and walked into her tiny room. Unlike what he had thought, she had decorated the small space quite warmly.

Although the room was small, everything was kept tidy. The furniture was all new and it was in the colors she preferred.

This immediately made Zed feel guilty.

Although they had decorated their house together, she had always put his opinions and preferences first. He began to realize just how much he owed her.

She took off her shoes and lay down on the bed. Zed lay beside her. The bed was just over a meter wide, so it was obviously cramped for two people to lie side-by-side. But it also brought them closer together naturally.

"How's your neck?" Jean couldn't help asking. The heavy bandage meant that the wound was serious.

"I feel much better, now that you are with me. You are the best medicine I could ask for." He edged closer to her and kissed her on the forehead.

"You're so slick. You must have lied to a lot of women like this, huh?" she asked in obvious depression.

"That's right. But you're absolutely not one of them." He hugged her tightly in his arms.

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