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   Chapter 968 Blood

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10057

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"What?" James suddenly sensed that she was uneasy over his abrupt move, and took his hand away from her head awkwardly. He paused for a moment and attempted to explain, "I just wanted to smoothen your messy hair because I...I actually have OCD. I've never said that earlier. Hope you don't mind it."

"Oh, I see... I won't mind it. It's okay." Jean actually was very aware of what James intended to do, but she just also pretended to be completely unaware of anything related to him. "Oh, could you please get me a glass of water?" In order to elope from the embarrassing atmosphere, Jean began to shift the subject.

"Sure. Just a second." James instantly sat up and hastily rushed over to the table, as he too was more than happy to get a temporary parole from the embarrassment.

It appeared to James that she was getting better after having been put on drips. Her eyes were not so reddened as they were earlier. All the signs showed indications of an amelioration in her physical conditions.

Ever since Jean was admitted in the hospital, James had been accompanying her by the bedside all the time, taking good care of her and being anxious about her condition perpetually. He hoped she'd recover very soon and that she'd revive herself to be the healthy and pretty woman.

"I really want to thank you for what you did today, James," Jean said, her eyes filled with tears as she expressed her sincere gratitude.

"It's my pleasure to do this. You know, we are best friends. Whatever happens, I will always be there by by your side, as... as your friend." James stretched out his hand and scratched the back of his head shyly, daring not look directly into Jean's eyes.

He seemed to be hiding some feelings deep inside his heart and feared that Jean would figure them out if he gave her eye contact.

Very early on, those feelings were efficiently buried in his heart. He didn't wish to make them public. He watered those ambitions like a tiny seedling in his heart with an enduring desire of witnessing them sprouting open one day into palpable reality. James knew clearly that this was definitely not a good time to reveal them to Jean. They only were his inner desires that would only aid in increasing Jean's anxieties. Jean was getting better by the day and it would be cruel to her to pull her back to the dark days of extreme anxiety and depression.

"And before I forget, I didn't work today. You should remember to deduct a day's salary for me. Although we are friends, office matters should remain as such. And your boxing gym has been open for only a short period. Everything should go on according to the rules. Otherwise, I'll be setting a bad precedent for others to follow which will eventually ruin the working atmosphere," Jean explained seriously.

James wished to assure her that it was no big deal. Eventually, he was forced to give in and agreed when he felt that she was genuinely concerned about it. Perhaps, Jean just didn't want to turn their relationship into a sp

you trying to bargain with me? OK! I'll give you a 1000 more after that! Just show me what you've got!" The drunkard proceeded regardless of Julie's meek protests and began to drag her by her arm in the direction of the hotel.

At the sight of this disheartening scene, Zed immediately took a big step forward and gave the man a heavy push. He roared, "Are you deaf or are you blind? You asshole! Didn't she just tell you clearly that she isn't interested? Step away from her or I'll call the police right now!"

The drunkard looked up at Zed disdainfully, and spat, "Gigolo! It's none of your business. Go take a good glance at yourself in the mirror before you come in here to make a big quarrel with me. You're such a weak bastard. What can you do? Today, let your good daddy teach you a lesson!"

Just he uttered those words, he threw a punch towards Zed's face.

Seeing the drunkard lunging forward, Julie screamed out and dodged back spontaneously.

Facing his fist, Zed serenely grabbed his wrist and pushed his body aside to the roadside forcefully.

The drunkard instantly fell back on the ground, with the skin of his palm bleeding profusely. He hadn't thought that the young man in front of him, who appeared rather thin and fragile, would indeed be so physically strong.

"You, you..." The drunkard tried to support his body with his arms, but fell on the ground again losing his overall balance. His funny struggling figure amused the spectators standing all around them.

Their burst of laugh aided in sobering him up a little, but it also irritated him.

Without a moment's delay, he found a sharp stone placed beside his feet. He angrily picked it up and catapulted it towards Zed in one swift motion.

Zed couldn't avoid it owing to the surprise element and let it graze through his cheek and neck. Fresh blood began gushing through the wound.

"Blood! You are bleeding!" Julie put her hands up to her mouth muffling her screaming and her pupils grew larger in shock.

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