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   Chapter 964 Dinner For Three

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7605

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Noticing that Julie was cold, Zed turned the heater on in the car.

They chattered occasionally but were mostly surrounded by silence. Zed didn't seem to have any interest in making conversation and only focused on driving.

Julie was being careful as well. She knew Jean was a very sensitive topic for him and chose to stay quiet about it. Her primary task at hand was to restore her image in Zed's mind and regain his trust, so as to ensure she could implement her plan later.

Zed drove her to the gate of the community where she lived. Julie played it cool, thanked him and walked straight to her place.

After dropping her, Zed drove back to the hotel to get some work done.

Recently, Jean had started cooking by herself at the boxing training gym. She preferred self-made food to take-outs as it made her feel much more satisfied and full. She was still slim and had regained the healthy flesh and shapely figure she had once lost.

At the moment, she was cooking dinner for her and James.

James sat in a chair, listening to classical music. The aroma of the food was so tempting it made his mouth water. He had most of his meals with Jean here of late. He was obsessed with the lovely smell of Chinese stir-fries. It enlivened his stomach like nothing else.

His head was filled with reveries of a delicious dinner when he spotted a car parked outside the door. Zed appeared out of it and started walking toward the main door. James got up and took off his headphones, staring at him through the window.

He rushed to open the door before Zed could knock so Jean wouldn't know, and caught him off guard with his hand mid-air. "What are you doing here?" asked James curtly.

"I haven't come to see you. Where is Jean?" Zed asked, bobbing his head in and looking around for her. He couldn't see her anywhere but the smell of the food confirmed she was there.

He moved James aside and walked in. James followed him, trying to match up with his great strides. He was about to stop him when Jean came out with a dish in her hand. All of them froze at once. Zed's lips were pursed, breath heavy. James had an expression of guilt, as if he had failed Jean. And Jean? She stood clenching her teeth, glaring at Zed with shock and disgust.

"I'm sorry, Jean

ace reflected in her bright eyes. There was a slight movement at the corner of her lips, as if she was about to say something, but then chose to remain silent.

They sat on the opposite ends of the bench. Jean looked down at the dry leaves on the ground and realized the ache in her stomach had faded away.

Zed didn't say a word, like he had promised, just sat beside her looking out into the night.

"I feel better now." After a while, she volunteered and stood up.

But before she could walk away, Zed reached for her hand and pulled her into his lap.

The sudden jerk threw her off balance. She screamed in panic and collapsed into his arms. She stared at him with wide, frightened eyes, her hands unconsciously gripping his shoulders.

Zed held her in his arms tightly, inhaling the scent of her body. He then bent down and brought his lips close to her ear, took a deep breath and said quietly, "Jean, I've been missing you so much. Please don't push me away... Just allow me to hold you for a while."

It sounded like a plea she couldn't say no to. She stayed in his arms obediently, truly enjoying his warmth and embrace.

Her heart beat hard, like it did when they had first hugged each other. She hadn't expected she would ever feel like that again.

"You know what? You cannot even imagine how hard it is for me to be away from you. I struggle to sleep in a familiar bed alone because you aren't around. It pains me..." He continued to complain about her absence, in a tone full of grief.

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