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   Chapter 963 Let's Go Back Together

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6663

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James immediately shook his head. "That's okay. I was thinking of something else."

Jean smiled. "All right. I'll go cook for us then."

He nodded and watched her walk away. He put his hands on his cheeks and sighed deeply, sinking back into thought.


Everything went smoothly for the next few days, and Jean still made no contact with Zed. She gradually regained her composure, and was learning new things every day. Besides, her English improved tremendously since she spent much time with James and the coaches, which was actually something to be excited about.

In the hotel

After a week of assessment, Zed now showed immense trust in Hess. He was generally obedient and could handle everything around the hotel well. He quickly won Zed over.

But what Zed hadn't realized was that most of what Hess claimed to have done should have been attributed to his sister, Julie, and that he knew nothing about hotel management. Whenever he was free, he would stand around and flirt with the waitresses. He would hand over all the urgent matters of the hotel to Julie and would just follow suit after a solution was found.

At the moment, he was leisurely sitting in Zed's chair in his office. With a strong sense of vanity, he patted the table with both his hands, wearing an arrogant smile of success.

"Sooner or later, this place will be mine!" he laughed out loud.

Just then, his cell phone rang. Flustered, he immediately got up from the seat and took it out from his pant pocket. Seeing that it was from his sister, he frowned and sat down again, reluctantly picking up the call.

"What? I was startled by your call."

"Why were you startled?" Julie asked suspiciously. "You're not doing something crazy, are you?"

"How did you know? I'm just experiencing the pleasure of sitting at the boss' desk. Seriously, this is awesome! By the way, when exactly are you going to win over Zed's heart? You should then ask him to give me the hotel!" Hess ordered arrogantly.

al prospect. The space on the ground floor was suitable for any kind of business; they could live on the upper floor or use it for some other purpose too. He would leave it up to Jean.

He wanted to offer the hotel as a peace gift to her, to repair their relationship by running this place together.

"Zed? What a coincidence!" Julie walked up to him, pretending to be surprised.

Seeing Julie, Zed was genuinely amazed. "Julie! Why are you here?"

"Oh, I had some work in this area. By the way, what are you doing here?" Julie asked.

"I came to check out a hotel, but I don't think it'll work out well. I'm going back now." Zed then took out his car key and pointed to his car parked on the roadside.

Julie pursed her lips and proposed. "Do you mind giving me a ride? I'm headed back too. How about helping me save some money?"

Zed frowned. It was not a huge favor.

But it was Julie, which made him hesitate. After all, Jean was clearly bothered by her, so if he got too close to her, Jean might be displeased.

"Ah-choo!" Julie sneezed. The dress she was wearing was too flimsy for the cold weather.

Zed gritted his teeth when he saw her shiver.

Mind still wavering, he finally agreed. They got into the car and headed back.

Julie sat smugly in the passenger seat, a new plan forming in her mind.

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