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   Chapter 962 The Missing Video

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10310

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Julie stopped and wondered for a moment. 'Yes, James is rich and cute, and he also has some great traits, but Zed is still way better than him. Then again, if I can't get Zed, then James is the perfect substitute. Besides, he is single and completely available. If it is really time to change my prey, then I should take actions now to win his heart.'

At the thought of this, Julie decided to check James's cell phone to know more about him.

A thought crossed her mind that what if his cell phone was secured with a password. She shrugged this thought away and knew it was worth a try. As she slid her finger on the screen, the home interface came into her view. A wry smile formed on her lips.

She skimmed through all the applications on the phone and was disappointed not to see anything that would help her to get to know him. She then opened the chat software where she had sent messages to him yesterday and found that he seldom asked girls out.

Because of this, Julie had a better impression of James.

Then, she opened the gallery, and one video caught her attention, making her stop and click on it out of curiosity. When the video started to play, Julie's eyes widened in great surprise.

In a disgruntled tone, she muttered under her breath, "I did not expect that this guy would also have this kind of quirk." She stopped the video and continued to scroll for more, but she did not find any more that was relevant or surprisingly unexpected. She then moved to the pictures folder but failed to open it for it required a password this time.

Completely flummoxed, she wondered with a pout, 'Does he keep other videos in the secret album?'

She tried different sets of numbers but failed. She sighed in disappointment. Now, the thought of that video in which she was naked made her completely uneasy and uncomfortable. Out of fear, she deleted it quickly and without any further hesitation. She could not imagine what would happen to her or how she would feel if other people saw it.

"That son of a bitch, how could he do this to me?" Julie murmured glumly as she stepped out of her house.

While on the elevator that took her to the first floor, she was immersed in her own thoughts. 'He is a really great guy. If only he did not have that quirk, then maybe he would have been perfect. Still, on the bright side, it would be easier to seduce him.'

As Julie reached the first floor, she saw James waiting in the lobby. James immediately saw her and stood up as she walked towards him. Without mentioning anything about the video she saw, she handed the cell phone to James.

James took it and thanked her. Without another word, he turned to leave but was instantly stopped by Julie.

"Wait!" Julie exclaimed.

Hearing this, James immediately froze and felt butterflies inside his stomach. Slowly, he looked back, giving himself time to compose himself in the outside. "What's up?" he asked.

"Are…" Julie started, pausing to see his reaction. "Are you not going to exchange numbers with me?"

With a frown deep inside, she wondered, 'We had sex l

mes exclaimed with an excited smile.

"How about you? You look glowing today. Did you receive any good news? Or, did you go to the spa secretly?" Jean teased with a grin and a poke on his chest.

James touched his cheeks and found his face a bit hot. With a pout, he uttered, "You think too much. Perhaps it is more of a fever."

"Really now?" Jean grinned playfully. Instead of prying any further, Jean just laughed it off and got back to her work.

James then headed to the front desk and sat down on his chair. With a pensive look on his face, he stared blankly ahead, picking up the thoughts he ignored a while back.

'I already checked the gallery several times now, but I still could not find the video. What happened?' he wondered, deep in thought and completely confused.

"Was it because the battery died in the middle of recording? Or was I really stupid enough not to check if I pressed the record button?" James muttered under his breath.

'Did Julie see it and immediately delete it?

But then, if she saw it, she should have snapped at me. After all, the video is very personal, so I will have to scrap that thought away.'

As Jean passed by James's desk, she stopped as she saw James completely zoned out. She walked over and tapped on his desk lightly. "What are you still doing here? You're off duty today. You can go home," she reminded.

Coming back to his senses, James turned to face Jean and asked, "What?" He absorbed what Jean had just said slowly. Then, he looked down at his wristwatch to find that it was indeed getting late. He turned around and noticed that all the other coaches and instructors had left. Only he and Jean were left in the gym.

Moreover, he noticed that Jean had already cleaned the place up. All of a sudden, he felt his cheeks slightly redden in embarrassment.

"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about something," he replied.

"Was it about money? Hmm, how about you give out leaflets just near the school? I can see how popular you are among the girls," Jean suggested with a wink.

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