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   Chapter 961 Julie Runs Into Leon

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7806

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After those words, Julie continued walking, and James followed after her asking, "Is my phone at your house? We're right outside your building. Why don't we just go back and get it?"

James was anxious to get the phone back as soon as possible. He was afraid that Julie would find the video on his phone if he didn't get it back quickly.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Are you hiding some secrets on your phone?" Julie asked eyeing him with suspicion.

"No! Why would I?" James waved his hand dismissively.

Julie smiled when she saw the nervous look on his face and decided to tease him. "If you don't have anything to hide, then let me have a look at your phone, okay?"

"No way!"

James fervently refused in a loud voice.

The way he reacted only made Julie even more doubtful, so she continued, "I remember you told me that there wasn't anything secret on your phone, didn't you? So what's the problem if I take a look at your phone? I can choose to keep your cell phone. Do you understand? So you'd better lower your voice to me."

"Okay, okay. It's my fault. I'm sorry," James quickly apologized.

The ball was in her court now, so James had no other choice but to clam up and do as Julie asked until he got his phone back from her.

With an unhappy frown on her face, Julie continued walking, and James followed her to the mall. She wanted to buy a few things so she went in and out of shops and James tagged closely behind, keeping silent.

Julie entered a bedding store and bought a set of four, including a quilt cover, pillowcases, and a flat sheet. Once she paid, she handed the bag over to James. "Well, take it," she said arrogantly.

"Yes, My Lady! It will be my pleasure!" James flattered her as he promptly took the bag.

His behavior made Julie laugh. Since he was willing to serve her, Julie decided to make the most of it.

So she continued shopping and shortly after she went into a ladies' underwear store. After browsing at the lingerie for a while, she finally chose a bra and glimpsed at James.

He was waiting outside at the entrance of the store with the bag in his hand, feeling incredibly embarrassed when he caught sight of Julie.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Julie teased while she deliberately held the sexy bra against her large breasts.

James took a quick glance at her, and

with him?" asked the girl. Then she put her hand on her chest and comforted herself. "I was lucky that I hadn't slept with him yet."

Suddenly, Julie remembered that James was standing next to her and was a little embarrassed. She turned around and found that he was looking at her in surprise.

"Well, you heard everything, right?" Julie asked softly.

James nodded his head and promised, "But don't worry. I won't tell anyone about it."

"Okay." Julie let out a long sigh. "When I saw him, I just got so angry. How can that bastard go around deceiving women like that? I was so stupid! I can't believe that I fell for someone like that."

Her sad face made James feel sorry for her. Then he remembered what he saw on her mobile and changed his feelings in an instant.

'How can I feel pity for Julie? She's a vicious woman. Maybe she's not telling the whole story.

As a smart and calculating woman, I find it hard to believe that a man could delude her. I still think it's impossible, ' James thought to himself.

"Let's go. I'll give you your phone when we get back," said Julie. Then she headed straight to the gate of the mall.

Once they arrived at Julie's apartment building, she went inside her house while James waited downstairs.

When Julie noticed James' cellphone in the hotel room, she wasn't curious about it at all. She put it in her handbag and intended on returning it to him in person since she knew where he worked.

However, after spending some time with James in the mall, Julie became a bit curious about him.

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