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   Chapter 958 A Head-on Blow

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8895

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Julie reluctantly stretched her arm out to hand her cell phone over to Zed. However, as soon as she did, she regretted agreeing to let him go through it. Julie was afraid that Zed might come across something embarrassing that she couldn't make an excuse for.

Zed noticed that Julie dared not make any eye contact with him, so he concluded that she must be hiding something on her phone. Immediately he reached out to take the phone from her, but Julie suddenly pulled her hand away and took her cell phone back. "Although I do like you, I have already explained to you that it was just an infatuation that I had. I later discovered that I didn't like you as I had first thought. So naturally, I wouldn't do anything to hurt the relationship between you and your wife. Please believe me,"

she explained to Zed with a sincere expression.

Zed dropped his hand to his side and looked at her sternly, "You'd better be telling the truth. If I find that you do something to sow discord between Jean and me, I won't let you get off so easily. Do you understand?"

Hearing Zed's warning, Julie didn't say anything. She pressed her lips together and looked guilty as if she had done something very evil.

"In my heart, there is no one but Jean. She is everything to me. My world would become extremely dark, and it would be a living hell without her in it." Zed took this moment to make it clear to Julie his feelings for his wife and how much love he felt only for her. "Even if I can't fix the relationship with Jean and she decides to divorce me, and we go our separate ways. I'll never be with another woman! Because in my heart no one would ever be able to match her!"

Julie unconsciously clenched her fists and became overwhelmed when she heard Zed's expression of love for only one woman, Jean.

"Have a good rest. I've got to go," Zed said in a weary voice. He then turned around and headed for the door to leave.

Julie contained her emotions even though she felt distraught and hurt. As she watched Zed's receding figure, another devious idea popped into her head, and she quickly took a photo of Zed leaving. Then she angrily posted the photo on WeChat Moments, setting the access only for Jean again.

She then added a half-naked photo of herself lying in bed with a comment attached, "I have a little cold today, but I'm so happy that my dear came to see me as soon as he heard about it. My bad boy is getting naughtier and naughtier by the day. He even said that I would feel better if I did some sweaty activities with him. Mm... he is so bad!"

After some editing, Julie pressed the confirmation button and published it so only Jean cou

d the sarcastic reply. "Just so?" she screeched.

She angrily wrote another sentence and sent it to her. "Okay! If you like to be a fool, just keep on being one! You're just wasting your time and energy. Your efforts will be in vain. I'll show you just how ridiculous you are!"

During this time Jean was sitting outside on the front steps of the gym. She read the nasty message from Julie and felt upset.

Zed had explained everything to her in a humble way not long ago, and yet he climbed into another woman's bed again before long. It cut Jean to the core and hurt her deeply. His dirty deed reminded her of an old saying, "Eat the rice in his bowl while watching the pot!" Most Men are greedy, Zed was no exception. He never felt satisfied with what he had already obtained and was still insatiably hungry for more.

Jean turned off the phone's screen and looked out into the far distance, feeling overwhelmed and weary.

"Here you are." James handed a beer to her.

"Thanks." Jean took the can of beer and opened it, which made a clicking sound. Then she brought the can to her lips and gulped the whole can of beer down all at once.

She crushed the empty can in her hand then raised her hand high and threw it right into the trash can.

James snapped his finger and complimented, "Good job!"

Jean breathed out a sigh of frustration. The strong beer odor and bitter aftertaste was laden on her breath.

"It seems that I have no chance of eating any dishes that you cook tonight." James made a wry smile and then reached out to pat Jean on her shoulder. "But I know a good place to help you vent your feelings. Would you like to come with me?"

"Sure." Without hesitation, Jean agreed.

"Okay, let's go!" James held her arm and helped her up.

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