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   Chapter 956 A Night At The Hospital

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 9520

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After having posted on WeChat Moments, Julie drew a chair up closer to the bed and sat down, with her eyes solely glued on Zed.

Only after he was done with his snack did Zed realize how close to himself was Julie seated. He felt a little embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry to bother you. I must be wasting your time."

"Not at all. You know that I'm out of work and I have plenty of time to spare." Julie shook her head and tucked strands of her hair behind one ear, which clung to her red cheek, "Anyway, you better take me to accompany you the next time when you have to drink. Then you will not have to go to hospital all alone. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate high amounts of alcohol like you but I'm sure I'll be good enough to take you to the hospital. In this case, you wouldn't have been suffering from starving."

"Nevertheless, I'm very grateful to you. Without your help, I would only rely on the glucose injection today," said Zed politely. He then reached into his pocket for his wallet and asked, "How much was it?"

"Oh, my god! You don't intend to pay me back! Do you?!" Julie was a little surprised, covering her lips with her palm.

"Of course, I do! I've already used up so much of your time. Moreover, you bought me food too. You totally don't have to do this. I must be at least be courteous enough to pay you back," Zed said, as if he were stating a fact.

'I surely do! I love you! That's why I'd do anything for you.' Julie struggled to resist the urge to blurt out these words.

Thinking of the awkward situation that arose previously in their office, Julie swallowed those words. Because she knew that it wouldn't change a thing even if she continued confessing her love for him.

"All right, it cost me about 200 dollars in total. The more, the better, if you like." Julie reached out her hands.

Zed smiled, drew 300 dollars out from his wallet, and gave it to her.

"Ah, you do give me extra money!" Julie was surprised.

"Not at all, it's for your taxi fee. You must have been tired. Please go back home and get some rest."

Julie knew that Zed was indirectly asking her to leave by saying that, so she felt a little uneasy. "In fact, I'm already used to staying up late. It would be totally OK if I were to go back later. Now that I have accepted your extra money, I'm indebted to help you with the discharge formalities. I do doubt whether you could do it alone, given your health condition."

Julie was right. He was not well at all. The headache had become unbearable. The injection wasn't being of much help. It still had half a bottle remaining in it. Hence, leaning on the pillow, he decided to take a nap first.

Needless to say, the nap turned into a long deep sleep owing to how exhausted Zed was. Julie didn't leave and fell asleep on the chair right beside Zed.

The next mor

"Yeah, of course. But... how are you calling me just now? Young girl?" Jean couldn't believe her ears.

"Yeah. Aren't you visibly younger than me? I'm sorry for that." The girl offered an apology with a sincere look on her face.

When the girl mistook her for being younger than her, Jean felt secretly delighted at the girl's compliment. "No, no. I must be a few years older than you. Okay, let me show you around here."

Nowadays, Jean had devoted a significant amount of time daily at the gym working out which rendered her a better physique. Moreover, her face looked much healthier, which did make her appear to be significantly younger than before.

Today, no classes were scheduled and the gym seemed empty with just a few coaches working out. Noticing the two girls who were visiting the base, those coaches began to show off their body to draw their attention.

Jean felt that from beginning to end of her tour of the base, the two girls weren't listening to her, but their attention had been stolen by those coaches now flexing their muscles gently.

"Excuse me. Do you have some special program that we're yet to know about?" Jean was asked in a low and gentle voice.

"If we are looking for some boxing training, can we have a special coach for the same?" The two girls looked at Jean with eager eyes.

Jean took out the class schedule and clarified, "Each coach has his particular class time that is different from others. When you can choose the class time, you'll also be choosing the coach by default."

"Okay. We intend to apply right now." They glanced over the schedule and suddenly snickered eye to eye. And then they turned around and asked Jean in a whisper, "Oh... This coach... Does he have a girlfriend? And the other one... the one who was handing out leaflets at our school. He had yellow hair and looked very handsome. Does he have a girlfriend?"

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