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   Chapter 952 Do Your Job Well

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8408

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"This…" the word hovered uncomfortably over them, followed by James' embarrassed silence. He didn't know what to say.

No words seemed to reach and console her.

Jean said nothing, bending forward to pick up her cup and taking a sharp gulp.

"You should slow down on the caffeine. You'll have trouble sleeping tonight if you drink like that," James reminded her.

She peered inside her cup, frowning at the contents. The coffee was strong black, and the bitter aftertaste lingered in her mouth. It seemed like the perfect partner to her current demeanor.

"Well, I'm going back," Jean said, ignoring his earlier comment. "You should go home too." With that, she got up and walked out of the cafe.

James was quickly at her heels, following her. "I'll take you back," he offered.

She kept on walking forward and waved her hand at him, saying, "No, don't bother. I can take a taxi. It's getting late now. You should rest too."

Jean hailed a taxi at the side of the road, then got inside and left.


In J Hotel

Zed could feel his head pulsating. He sat in his desk, leaning forward with his hands on his temples. His head was ringing with indecipherable sounds, which completely muddled his thoughts.

"I'll have to find a capable assistant as soon as possible," he muttered gloomily, rubbing his fingers in his temple in circular motions. He sighed. It was impossible. The only way he could find time to look for Jean would be by getting out of the hotel business.

He passed a grudging hand over the thick pile of resumes on his desk and began to skim them.

As expected, the good compensation attracted a large number of applicants. Resumes poured in for the past days, which was not a bad thing entirely—it gave him better chances of finding someone who would be suitable for the job. But two days of interviewing had already passed, and he still couldn't find the right person. He was starting to get more frustrated than hopeful.

As he leafed through the papers, one resume suddenly caught his eyes.

It was a man named Hess. He knew a little Chinese, could make tea, and most of all he had a good background in hotel management.

Something in his gut told him that he had found the right candidate. Immediately, he called to set up an interview.

Hess had been well-prepared. Upon getting the call, he phoned his sister Julie and arrived in a crisp, well-pressed suit. Even his hair was styled well, parted neatly and swept over to one side.

The interview went smooth

el to work, pretend you don't know me and don't tell anyone about our relationship. Text me or call me if necessary," she told him.

Hess did not know why there was a need to hide their relationship, but nodded otherwise. Questioning her any further would just risk annoying her, and he wouldn't be endangering his money just for something like that.

Hess left with the books, and Julie watched him. When he was gone, she let out a relieved breath.

"Now then, Zed. We'll see. Sooner or later, I'll have you to myself," she swore.

She had already gone too far and deep by now. Turning back was no longer an option.

The events of the day before came to her mind. It seemed that there had been a misunderstanding with Zed, and Julie decided that she would meet him and explain.

After thinking about it for a while, she sent him a message.

"I've brought guests to the hotel. Are you free now? Let's have a meal together later."

A familiar ping came from her phone after just a few seconds. Julie rushed to look at the screen, ecstatic at his quick reply. At the sight of the message, however, all trace of excitement fled from her face and disappointment weighed down on her.

"No. Busy."

That was his reply. Julie's disappointment turned into indignation. "How busy can it be? You just don't want to see me, do you?" she muttered.

He rejected with such simple, offhanded words. Worry filled her heart as she thought helplessly, 'Now, he doesn't even want to see me himself. What should I do?'

After a moment's reflection, she decided to go straight to Zed's office.


Zed's thoughts were interrupted at the knock on the office door.

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