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   Chapter 951 Is That A Coincidence

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7178

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"That was because... Well, that's just a coincidence. In this small city, there are only a few good bars. Can't I have a drink here?"  Julie blinked and tried her best to explain.

"Okay, whatever. Can you show me your cell phone?" Zed asked as he put his hand out for the phone.

Julie quickly tucked it away behind her. Looking at Zed with her innocent eyes, she questioned, "Why do you want my cell phone?"

"Because I'm very interested in the pictures that you've taken just now," Zed answered bluntly.

He noticed that Julie was aiming her cell phone at Jean just now and took many pictures of her. That was the reason why he asked for Julie's phone. He wanted to know why Julie would take so many photos of Jean.

"The pictures I've just taken?" Julie burst into laughter and acted coquettishly. With her eyes on Zed's face, she added, "I just took some private pictures of myself. Are you sure you want to see them? You know the man that sees me naked has to marry me."

Zed ignored Julie's threat and suggestion. A sinister smile danced on his lips. "Really?"

Zed replied as he reached out and grabbed her hand with the phone. Although she held the phone firmly, he forcefully took it away.

"Don't take my phone. There are few pictures in it. Give me back my phone now!" Julie shouted agitated as she reached out, trying to grab it out of Zed's hand.

However, Zed had already raised his hand. As he held the phone up with one hand, he wanted to unlock it with the other hand. But he found that only Julie's thumbprint could unlock her cell phone.

So Zed grabbed her hand and placed her thumb on the phone to unlock it.

"Zed, let go of me. Do you know it's illegal? I can call the police! It's personal. Even though you're my boss, you don't have the right to invade my privacy!" Julie screeched, trying to scare Zed by those threatening words.

However, by then Zed had already unlocked her cell phone.

He scrolled straight to the album icon, and even though the light in the bar was dim, he could clearly see Jean's face. Almost all of the photos focused on Jean's face.

Zed turned the screen around to J

lready gone back home, ' Zed thought to himself. He heaved a deep sigh and wanted to call Jean. But he was afraid that she would be mad at him.

Thus, in the end, he put his cell phone down and decided to give her more credit.

At that time, Jean and James had moved to the coffee shop across from the bar. They selected a table near a window, focusing their eyes on the front door of the bar.

Jean couldn't help shaking her head when she saw Zed come out of the bar with Julie. She brought the coffee cup to her lips and had a sip.

A moment ago, when James was talking on the phone outside the bar, he saw Zed quarreling with Julie at the back door. Then he went back to the bar and told Jean about it. So, they left the bar early.

"It seems that they are in constant communication with each other," James said as he glanced at Jean.

She didn't say a word but heaved a heavy sigh and looked sad as she leaned over the table. She felt helpless.

"Shall we go back?" James asked with concern as he gently touched her hair to comfort her.

"James." Jean turned her head to look at him with tearful eyes and asked, "What have they done and what haven't they done? Has he slept with Julie?"

That was what she cared about the most.

Jean had warned Zed a million times not to have anything to do with Julie. However, today she saw Zed turn up with Julie twice, which made her wonder how intimate they were now.

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