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   Chapter 949 Don't Get Me Wrong

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8567

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Julie stepped back two steps in a panic, keeping a distance from Jean and James, seemingly afraid of being heard on the phone with Zed by both of them.

"Hello?" Julie answered the phone and replied in a low voice.

"Where did you take the picture that you just sent me? Where are they right now?" Zed asked anxiously.

Julie paused and beat around the bush, "Err...they are in..."

"Just tell me, please?" Zed asked, fretting with his heart full of anxiety.

He had been expecting a call or message from Jean, but he didn't anticipate that she would be in close contact with James. The sight of the photo that Julie sent him of them together made his blood boil.

"I... I..." Feeling intimidated by Zed's loud, angry voice on the phone, Julie didn't know what to do. She had no other choice but to tell him where she was.

Then she reassured herself, 'Perhaps Zed will become angrier when he sees them getting so close to each other.

After all, Jean is still his wife. It would be natural for any husband to be suspicious of seeing their wife walking and flirting with another man along the roadside.

Ha-ha, great.' Since he had acquired the evidence showing Jean cheating on him, Julie thought that she might as well help them end their relationship today.

Julie thought, if their quarrel could eventually lead to an internecine situation later, she would have a better chance to take Zed away to the nearest hotel where she could comfort him and seduce him. It would be the best time for her to further their relationship.

At the thought of this, Julie felt a sense of pleasure.

"We're out of gas and going to the gas station. Are you coming with us?" James turned around and asked Julie.

Upon hearing what James said, Jean reached out and pulled on James' sleeve. Glaring at him, she whispered, "You know that we don't get along. Why did you invite her to come with us?"

James suddenly felt embarrassed when he realized what he had done. He turned his head and apologized to Jean in a low voice, "I'm so sorry, Jean, I totally forgot about that."

"I'd love to! Thanks." Julie had accepted his kind invitation before James could withdraw it.

When Julie joined and walked with them, the atmosphere became thick and awkward. However, Julie didn't forget about her plan and secretly sent the new address to Zed.

As the trio approached the gas station, they saw a car drive in at high speed and skid to a stop in front of them. Immediately after the door of the vehicle flung open and a very angry man came storming out toward

ed her brains for an excuse to tell him. "That's because the driver got a call from his wife and he told me that he had to pick her up. So I did him a favor and got out of the car."

"If you were in the car, how could you possibly act so fast? In those few seconds, you managed to get out your cell phone and take a clear picture of them while talking with the driver, all at once," Zed said coldly.

Sensing that Zed was suspicious of her, Julie explained hurriedly, "Don't get me wrong. In the beginning, I had truly thought that man was you. After sending you that picture, I became aware that I made a mistake. I didn't mean to ruin your relationship."

"You don't have to explain anything. I'm not blaming you, all right?" Zed said, with his head slightly tilted. He was staring at Jean and James, who were adding fuel into the gas can.

Watching them made him frown deeply. Something just didn't add up. 'No one would have a date at a gas station. I am stupid.' He was aware that he misinterpreted the whole situation between Jean and James.

However, the photograph that Julie had sent to him was the reason why he lost his temper and mind.

"I truly didn't mean that. Please don't get me wrong, Zed? I did all this just for you. Jean always misunderstands our relationship, but she is that person who is having an affair with another man. So I just wanted to punish her for you."

As Julie explained hurriedly, she reached out and held Zed's arm, trying to make him trust her.

Not far away, Jean happened to see this scene, and a sudden pain emerged in her heart. She was upset they didn't feel even a bit of shame when flirting with each other in front of her.

How interesting.

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