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   Chapter 945 Zed Gets In A Fight With James

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7656

Updated: 2019-09-02 00:02

"You're the worst son anyone could ever have!" James's father roared at him, raising his hand to slap him. James closed his eyes, bracing himself for the blow. But seeing his scared and accepting face, his father's heart softened. He gave up.

"James...I just hope you will remember what you've said today," he continued shouting, as he jerked his hand and dropped it. Angrily, he then turned around and left with his fists clenched.

Watching his father leave, James wiped off the brick ash from his face. He looked at Jean with an embarrassed look. He forced a smile, even though he was heartbroken. "I'm sorry about that..."

"Don't say that. Are you okay?" Jean looked at him and asked with genuine concern.

She was really shocked at what had just happened, and didn't know how to deal with such a situation.

"Well, don't worry. I'm fine. Let me take your luggage and show you your room first. Then we can go and buy some furniture. Looks like I don't have much to do today. But then again, maybe I'll be free every day now..." James said in a self-mocking tone.

Jean was lost. She didn't know how to comfort him. It was a family matter, after all. She was only his employee and at most an ordinary friend. It would've been very inappropriate for her to pry in something so personal.

Without saying anything more, Jean followed James and entered into the gym.

There were several empty rooms there. Soon enough, James prepared a bright room for Jean. It was a small room but had a bathroom attached. It was just correctly convenient.

Back at the hotel, Zed was interviewing an assistant.

He needed to find a good assistant as soon as possible. But he simply didn't find anyone sufficient for the job, even after interviewing so many.

Tired, he heaved a sigh. He kept going through the applications on his computer. His head ached so much that it felt like it would explode.

Finally, he checked the time. It was time for dinner. He picked his phone up and called Jean up.

Jean heard the ringtone.

She picked up right after the second ring.

"Hey...Can you leave now? I can pick you up and we can have dinner at home... okay?" Zed asked cheerfully.

"Don't bother. I've moved out of your house. I really think we should let things cool off for a whil

shut up!" Jean turned her head toward Zed and warned him with a serious look.

Zed knew he was the culprit, so he listened quietly and shut his mouth.

Focusing on James again, she started, "I know it was his fault but..."

Before she could finish, James interrupted, "Take it easy. I agree to settle, for your sake."Zed heard his words and glared at him in disgust. 'Who the hell does he think he's doing a favor for? Freaking Pig!' Zed thought. It took a hell lot of patience for him to stop himself from punching him again.

James then gestured for Jean to move closer to him. Zed looked at the scene with horror in his eyes.

Jean slid closer to him, raising her eyebrows. James whispered, "You know I was also in a bad mood today. I guess we just took our frustrations out on each other. I won't hold him accountable..."

Before he could say anything else, Zed pulled Jean by her wrist and warned James with a stern and cold look, "You can talk to Jean from a distance. What's with all this closeness?"

Jean turned to Zed and threw him a serious look with her eyes big and wide. "Do you want him to settle or not?" she asked.

'If we don't settle, I would be detained. I will have to hire a lawyer and pay some sort of compensation to James...' Zed thought to himself.

Zed thought it was best to avoid the trouble and finally gave in.

"All right, all right." He nodded, then continued, "Okay, I stop. You do your talking."

Jean sighed with a helpless face and turned to James again, "Well, I..."

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