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   Chapter 944 Cut You Off

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7906

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Shortly after Jean had arrived, Zed turned up at the gym dressed in sportswear.

"What are you..." James mumbled, staring at Zed in astonishment.

"I want to register and learn boxing here," Zed replied, making his way to the front desk where James was.

James turned to look at Jean, who was cleaning the sports equipment with a perplexed expression.

"Can I start filling the paperwork out, please?" Zed said, tapping his fingers a little impatiently on the desk.

"Err, sure," James nodded, handing him the form and a pen. James regarded Zed as he filled the form out and said, "We run a strict and rigorous training program here. Perhaps you would like to think it over before signing up?"

Zed stopped writing and slowly looked up at James. "The trainees won't be harassed by the coaches here, right? After all, you just opened the gym. If such rumors spread, it would be bad for business, and you would have to close it," Zed threatened.

"No, of course not. That sort of thing doesn't happen here," James replied with a fake smile.

The two men eyed each other and smiled through clenched teeth.

Zed filled out the rest of the form and paid the registration fee. He then looked in Jean's direction and asked, "Can I start using the fitness equipment now?"

James made a gesture for Zed to help himself with the equipment while he glanced a little concerned at Jean.

Zed headed straight to the treadmill which Jean was cleaning with a towel. However, as soon as she saw that he was approaching, Jean moved to the punching bag. After working out on the treadmill for a short time, Zed made his way to the punching bag, but Jean left to wipe the dumbbells avoiding him yet again.

Half an hour had passed, and Zed still hadn't spoken to Jean. He was becoming slightly frustrated and upset.

Zed glanced at his wristwatch when several trainees had entered the gym. He realized that it was time for him to leave for work. The sight of James and Jean working on their own without any intimate behavior toward each other had set Zed's mind at ease.

While wiping the sweat from his forehead with a towel, he walked to Jean's side and said softly, "I have to go to the hotel now."

"Fine,"   Jean responded in a cool tone while she continued with her work.

"Err..." Zed wanted to say something else, but when he saw the impassive

Jean stood dumbfounded and covered her mouth in shock.

When she looked at James, she could see red finger marks on his cheek where his father had slapped him and some dirt on his face from the brick that his father held earlier. James lowered his head in shame without making a sound.

His father glared furiously at him and took a step forward, ripping the cell phone violently from James' pocket. He checked the phone and yelled, "Why did you turn your phone off? If you don't need it, why did you buy it?"

James remained silent.

"Go to the company right now!" his father boomed at him with arms akimbo.

Noticing that his son hadn't moved at all, he grabbed him and began dragging him toward the car.

As they shuffled forward a few steps, he stopped in his tracks when he caught sight of Jean. With an angry frown, he glowered at James and asked, "Who is this woman? Is she the reason why you did such a stupid thing?"

Before James had the chance to reply, he berated coldly, "You idiot! Get your ass over to the company right now!   I'm warning you, James! If you dare defy me, I'll cut you off, and you'll be left penniless without me!"

James suddenly snapped and stopped abruptly. "You're right! I'm a loser. But what about you? What else can you do except threaten to cut me off? Just do it then. Cut me off!"

"What are you saying ?" his father asked in sheer disbelief.

"I said, cut me off! Take all the credit cards and pretend that you don't have a son! I'm just a loser to you anyway," James repeated, staring him straight in the eyes.

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