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   Chapter 938 Zed's Warning

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10287

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Completely lost in thought, Jean was startled by a knock on the car window.

She lifted her head and looked out of the window to see James standing outside the car with a smile.

She slipped her phone back in her pocket instantly and turned towards the door. James moved aside and opened the door. The moment it opened, the smell of meat wafted through Jean's nose.

She got out of the car and looked towards the direction of where the smell came from. To her surprise, she saw a grill. Her eyes immediately lit up with delight as she saw the grill with smoke coming out of it. She turned to James with a huge smile on her face and asked, "Are you barbecuing?"

"Yeah, well, you were sleeping soundly, so I did not bother to wake you up. While you were asleep, I prepared some meat. Care to join me?" James invited, patting Jean's shoulder lightly. With that invitation, Jean nodded in delight. James smiled back at her and said, "Well then, come with me. Delicious food makes people happy."

A small smile rose from the corner of Jean's lips. She followed James towards the grill and sat on the bench, while James moved towards the grill turning the various meat cuts the other side.

After a short while, the meat was finally ready to eat. James placed it on a plate, bringing it on the table and taking the seat opposite to Jean. They started to dig in and drank beer to push the food down. They talked from time to time as they enjoyed their gourmet. With this simple dinner out, Jean's attention was completely diverted from her cell phone.

Meanwhile, after parting with Julie, Zed directly headed home.

Parking the car in the garage, he noticed that all of the lights inside the house were off. All of a sudden, his mood fell even deeper. Feeling ultimately dispirited, he got out of this car and opened the door, turning the lights on as he moved.

He stopped and stood still in the middle of the living room. He glanced around the empty house and sank deep in thought. 'When I didn't go to work, I kept her company at home, and although there were times when she was in low spirits, we both got on well without quarrels or mistrust.

I thought that she had moved on and let go of our unborn baby slowly. When she gets better, I plan to have another baby. That way, our house would not be as empty as this, and we would be as happy as before.

However, it seems like things did not go as I expected. What happened? What went wrong?'

With these thoughts lingering in his mind, Zed could not help but heave a very deep sigh.

Zed turned towards the clock. It was really getting late. Worried about Jean's whereabouts, he grabbed his phone and gave her a call.

After three rings, the person on the other end of the line picked up the phone.

However, Zed was surprised that it was a man who answered the phone. He turned to look at his phone to check if he really dialed Jean's number.

After confirming that it was really Jean's, he asked warily, "Excuse me, but who am I speaking to? I believe this is my wife's number."

"Hello, I'm James, J

take care of is James.'

Zed wondered of ways on how to get Jean to quit her job so that James would have less chances to see and meet her.

'There were only two of them in that boxing gym. It means that James just doesn't treat her as a friend. They even drank and barbecued together just the two of them. It looks like they are getting on well...'

At the thought of this, Zed immediately shook his head as he felt being overcome with fear.

With an anxious and worried face, he turned to look at Jean's side profile and asked her sleeping figure, "If we continue to be like this, will you fall in love with another man?"

They finally reached home. He carried her into their bedroom and placed her down gently on the bed. He took her shoes off and then tiptoed to the bathroom, making sure not to make so much noise as he soaked the towel into the warm water, so he wouldn't wake her up. With great care, he wiped her face with the towel.

As he wiped her face, he noticed the small frown on her pretty face, so he rubbed her eyebrows gently and cooed, "Stop frowning, okay? My heart breaks seeing you frown. How can we be as good as before, honey? Please, tell me. I even thought that it would have been better if you did not get pregnant, so that all of this would not have happened."

He could not help but heave a deep sigh. Seeing both of them ending up like this, he felt upset and sad, while also thinking about what he should do to smoothen the creases in their relationship.

After fixing up, he lay beside her, placing her cuddled in his arms. Not long after, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Jean opened her eyes the next day, feeling the warmth of the sun rays. She turned to the other side of the bed and found Zed wasn't beside her as usual.

Out of habit, she let out an upset sigh before making the bed up. After freshening up and getting dressed, she entered the living room and stopped when noises reached her ears. She turned towards the direction of where the sound came from and saw the kitchen door open.

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