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   Chapter 937 Unsent Messages and Undialed Calls

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James was shocked by the insane idea that appeared in his mind. His heart started to race faster and faster, feeling his heart almost popping out of his chest. He swallowed a bile on his throat and quickly moved away from Jean.

He then returned to the driver's seat. From time to time, James glanced at Jean. She was so beautiful and attractive that it seemed like if he looked at her a few more times, he would not be able to control himself anymore. So he resisted the urge to look at her.

The heater in the car wasn't on, but James still felt very hot and sweaty. He hurriedly opened the window and turned his head near it, letting the cold breeze embrace him. He took a deep breath, the cold air helped in calming him down.

Back in the hotel, with the cell phone in his hands, Zed wrote several messages.

He tried to send them all to Jean, but before he could press Send, he deleted them all.

In the end, after thinking about it for a long while, he finally placed his phone down without calling or sending Jean any messages.

Then, the moment he placed his phone down, his phone started to buzz.

His eyes lit up at the thought that it was Jean who messaged, so he hastily picked up his phone and took a look at it.

To his disappointment, the name on the screen was Julie.

Zed's eyebrows furrowed into a frown as he read, "Later, I will take two customers to your hotel to check the rooms. Please inform your staff about it. Otherwise, I will feel a littel embarrassed."

Zed sighed, picked up the telephone, and dialed the front desk. As soon as the receptionist picked up, he said, "A moment later, Julie will take two customers to check the rooms."

"Manager Julie, sir?" The receptionist confirmed.

"Yes. She's not working here anymore, but she will still cooperate with us and introduce customers to our hotel. From now on, all the receptionists have to check her customers in. Do you understand?"

"Got it, sir," the receptionist replied.

After hanging up the phone, Zed rubbed his aching temples before picking up his cell phone and messaged Julie.

He said, "I have already informed the receptionist. Just bring your customers here, and they will check them in."

He placed his phone down after sending the text, but not long after he sent it, his phone started ringing. Zed sighed once more after reading Julie's name.

After pressing the answer button, he asked, "What's wrong?"

With a big smile, Julie spoke, "I waited for a while, but I still did not get your answer, so I called you instead."

"I just replied back, and I have already informed the hotel staff about it." While saying these words, Zed looked out of the window and realized that it was already getting late. With his cell phone on his hand, he could not help but stand up, walk towards the window, and think, 'What are you doing now, Jean?'


realized that Zed did not have the will to teach her again, so Julie had no choice but to try to pick the chopsticks up by herself. After trying it a few times, she cut the act out and skillfully picked up some food with her chopsticks.

Zed did not even notice how Julie already got to use the chopsticks well enough for a beginner. He was really hungry and devoured his food like a beast.

Julie took this opportunity to take her cell phone out, holding her chopsticks with the other hand behind the camera. With the shutter sound, she took a picture at the same time Zed was picking up food, so his hand was also in the picture. With a satisfied smile, she continued to eat.

Jean fluttered her eyes open and realized that she fell asleep. She looked around and saw that the driver's seat next to her was empty. James was not there anymore. She turned to look out of the window and found that it was getting dark, and the car was parked right in front of the fitness base.

She yawned as she looked at the time on her cell phone. She also found no notifications and messages. There weren't even any missed calls either. With a disappointed pout, she let out a sigh.

At that moment, she noticed that Julie had a new post on her WeChat Moments. Subconsciously and out of curiosity, she opened it.

The post read, "It's my first time to use chopsticks! Thank you for your help. I finally learned how to use them. From now on, I will use them more often."

Below the post was a picture Julie had just taken.

Jean scrolled to see the picture. She saw Julie's hand and behind it was another hand. She was about to close her phone when she noticed how familiar the hand was. She zoomed in on the photo and saw their wedding ring on the man's finger. Realizing that it was Zed's hand, her heart sank, but this time, she was much calmer than before as if she already expected something like this to happen.

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