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   Chapter 933 Oh, Really

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10290

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Zed heaved a deep breath as he didn't expect that Jean wouldn't really go back, and this just made him more anxious. He immediately reached his phone and crazily dialed her number again and again. Rings after rings, Jean still didn't pick up the phone. Zed was determined not to give up until she picked up the phone, so after the sixth dial, Jean finally answered.

As soon as the ringing stopped, Zed took a relieved breath and asked anxiously, "Thank God, Jean, where are you now? Are you still angry with me? You know I was just kidding, right? I'm home now. Come on, baby. Stop being mad at me, okay? Please, tell me where you are, and I will pick you up right now and bring you home here with me."

At that moment, Zed deeply regretted what he had said to Jean earlier today. He knew that she was still mad at him for those words.

At the other end of the line, Jean yawned before she replied, "I told you. I'm in a hotel."

Zed stopped pacing back and forth and asked, "Which hotel?"

"J Hotel," Jean answered without hesitation but filled with impatience.

Zed was stunned for a moment and wasn't sure whether he heard right. "What? Which room are you in? I'll be there right now."

Jean rolled her eyes and told him the room number. Then she hung up the phone and yawned, lying down on the soft and comfortable bed. 'I'm not stupid. Why would I stay in other hotels when I can stay here for free? Plus, I get to have VIP service, ' she thought as she stretched her body comfortably on the bed.

She heaved a deep sigh, not expecting that Zed was stupid this time. 'How come he didn't even think about me staying at J Hotel? Perhaps, it's because he was too busy, or worse, just didn't care about me at all.'

As soon as Zed arrived at the hotel, he gave the keys to the valet and headed straight inside in a rush. He tapped his shoes on the elevator ride, and when he faced the door of the room, he knocked. Jean opened the door, making Zed's heart fill with total relief.

He rushed towards her and held her in his arms, breathing deeply the scent of her perfume and inexplicably feeling at ease.

As Jean found the hug was enough, she pushed Zed away and said unhappily, "So, what's up? What are you suddenly doing here? Are you afraid that I'm seeing other men behind your back in a hotel?"

"Of course not. I didn't doubt you even for a second. I'm just worried about your safety. That's all," Zed responded with a smile on his face as he followed Jean towards the inner part of the room with his arms still around Jean's waist.

Then again, he could not help but glance around the room after her remark and noticed that no one else was there.

After a short while, he thought, 'If Jean was really seeing another man, then she would not be dumb enough to see him in J Hotel. After all, this hotel belongs to me, and I will know if she entered with another man.

It seems like I'm only overthinking about this.'

Jean lay down on the bed, moped around, and watched TV as Zed washed up. Then Zed lay next to her and cuddled, watching TV with

that afraid that I will cheat on you?"

"Of course not! How can you think of that?" feeling glum, Zed muttered in response.

Before Jean could reply to that, Zed's phone started to ring.

'It's already late at night. Who would call him this late?' Jean wondered.

The sound of his phone ringing made her nerves tighten as well, and she instinctively moved her eyes on his cell phone on the nightstand, wondering who was calling this late. Zed turned around and picked up his phone to check.

He prayed that it wasn't Julie, but it didn't turn out the way he hoped for. It was Julie calling.

At that very moment, Zed started to feel even more gloomy, so after pressing the Accept button, he also placed it on speaker. This way, Jean could hear before he answered. "What's up? Why are you calling so late?"

"I can't believe that you would rather spend money inviting other bloggers to promote your hotel than let me go back to work. Do you really hate me that much, Zed?" Julie asked. Frustration was evident in her tone.

Zed's eyes widened a little in surprise as he didn't expect that Julie would know about it so soon. He realized that this world was pretty small after all.

"The development of my hotel can't only rely on your fans. What if one day you don't work here anymore? As the owner of the hotel, I also have to think about the long-term development. Sadly, you being here would just be a liability," Zed stated helplessly, taking quick glances at Jean to see how she would react.

"Well, that's an easy problem to solve. You don't have to worry about that as long as I am always by your side, right?" Julie's voice softened as she tried to sound coquettishly.

Upon hearing Julie's words and tone of voice, anger and annoyance immediately rushed over Jean's face, but she tried her best to keep calm and compose herself. She didn't want to say anything, let alone, let Julie know that she was listening, for she still wanted to hear what else Julie would say and how Zed would react and reply to a flirt like Julie.

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