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   Chapter 929 Disturb Your Date With Julie

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7235

Updated: 2019-08-25 00:02

"Do you think I may fight with Julie if I work in the hotel? Or are you afraid that I may get in the way of you two dating?"   Jean questioned.

Zed regarded Jean with a serious expression. "How many times do I have to explain before you will believe me?"

"You lied to me that you had fired Julie. What kind of a fool do you take me for? I don't believe anything that you have to say!" Jean said coldly.

Zed was shocked that Jean knew the truth. 'How did she find out?' Zed wondered.

Zed suddenly remembered that Jean had been to the hotel yesterday. Maybe she heard about it from the other staff. Zed felt annoyed with himself. He should have informed all the staff members in the hotel to keep it as a secret from Jean.

"Well? Do you have anything to explain to me?" Jean put her chopsticks down and looked at Zed with disappointment.

"Jean, nothing is going on between Julie and me. As for firing her, you know that she helped me a lot with the purchase of the hotel. At that time, I agreed with her request to let her work in the hotel. Therefore..."

Zed was sweating as he explained. He felt worried that Jean knew about it all.

"What a ridiculous deal! I thought that you had already given her a large sum of money for her help in purchasing the hotel. Didn't that count?" Jean was getting more frustrated and furious by the minute. She glanced at Zed. "Or maybe that was what you used to attract her!"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Zed asked with a sullen expression, suddenly standing up from the chair.

"Ha! So I am right, aren't I? That's why you're getting so angry? Gosh, how couldn't I see how much of a bastard you are before?" Jean also stood up, turned on her heels and went to her room in a huff. She slammed the door shut with all her strength, not bothering to let Zed explain himself any further.

At the sound of the door slamming shut in front of him, Zed closed his eyes and pursed his lips. He felt both angry and anxious.

He sighed deeply and went to the door of the bedroom. "Jean, I have told you. There's nothing happening between Julie and me. Absolutely nothing! You can believe it not."

walked straight out when the elevator door had opened.

Julie followed Zed into the office and closed the door behind her. She walked up to Zed and said with a sad face, "When can I come back to work? I've been spending too much money lately. Only work can make me feel secure."

"I'll tell you what. I'll give you a large sum of money, and I hope that you'll take it and work somewhere else. Is that all right?" Zed asked in a low voice.

"Why is that?" Julie felt puzzled. "I suppose you've been influenced by the gossip. I thought you didn't care about such things."

"I don't, but my wife does. You don't know how many times Jean and I have quarreled because of you. We just had an argument before you texted me."   Zed heaved a heavy sigh and leaned back against the sofa, scratching his hair anxiously.

Their relationship had been damaged because of Julie. Zed didn't want to keep going like this, and he was tired of it all. What was even worse, Jean's depression might become even worse if their relationship continued in this way.

Julie lowered her eyes and rubbed his shoulders. "You must be so tired of dealing with all kinds of things these days. Let me give you a massage. We don't have to talk about anything until you feel better, all right?"

She pressed on Zed's shoulders softly with the right amount of pressure, which relaxed Zed. He looked up at her. "Wow. That feels great. You're very good at massage.

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