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   Chapter 928 Zed's Suspicion

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7562

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'Perhaps James just gave her a lift and she is home now, ' Zed speculated.

On the way home, he was overwhelmed with assumptions about Jean and James. When he arrived at his house, he saw Jean open the door. He heaved a sigh of relief and parked his car before walking into the house.

'Did she turn off her phone because she was with James?

Is something going on between them?' Suspicions rose in his mind regarding the relationship between Jean and James.

When he entered the living room, he saw Jean sitting on the couch, drinking water. He called out softly, "Jean." However, his wife didn't respond. She didn't even look up at him.

Her indifferent attitude displeased Zed slightly. Despite that, he controlled his anger and walked to her side. He sat next to her and asked, "Where have you been? Why is your phone switched off?"

"The battery is dead," she replied nonchalantly before taking her phone out of the handbag and heading to her bedroom.

Zed waited for a few minutes, but she didn't come back. He got up and made his way to the room.

He opened the door and found her fast asleep.

Zed frowned. He walked to the bed and his gaze fell on her pale face.

'She doesn't look too well. Is she worn out because she had sex with James?' he wondered, anger swelling within him.

He shook his head and dispelled the ridiculous thought from his head. He tried hard to control his temper and not disturb her sleep. Depressed about the events of the day, he silently walked out of the room.

He sat back on the couch, leaning against the back rest. As he was about to drift off, his stomach growled. He recalled that he hadn't had dinner yet. Sighing, he rose from his seat and went to the kitchen to make dinner for himself.

The next morning, when Jean woke up, she was surprised to find Zed lying beside her. Glancing at the wall clock, she frowned. 'He is going to be late for work if he doesn't get up right away, ' she thought.

"Zed, wake up! You're gonna be late," Jean said, shaking his shoulder. She thought that he had overslept.

Zed opened his eyes slowly and replied, "I'm not going to work today. I'll keep you company at home."

Jean gaped at him in disbelief.

"What? Are you not happy that I'm staying with

own lack of trust.

Soon after, Jean got dressed and came out looking fresh. When she caught sight of Zed in the yard, she shook her head helplessly.

When Zed saw her standing outside, he approached her. "Jean, let me take you out," Zed said softly, taking her hand gently in his. They walked towards the gate together.

He drove her to a fine restaurant to buy some takeout. His plan was to make her happy with some delicious food. Then he drove back home and set the table. They enjoyed the food together in the dining room.

But throughout their meal, Jean barely looked at him or even spoke to him. She was immersed in her own thoughts.

'What James said yesterday makes sense. I can't depend on him forever and regard him as my entire world. I should learn to live on my own. Love is not the only thing in the world for me. I should set up a new goal.'

"Jean, try this fish. It's fresh and tender." Zed broke the silence as he added a piece of the fish to her plate.

Jean took a bite and then said, "I plan on finding something to do. Either open a store or get a job."

"That's a great idea. Where do you want to work?" Zed asked, excited that she was finally talking to him.

To see his response, she asked tentatively, "How about I come to work in your hotel?"

Zed's face changed abruptly. He replied, "It's a stressful job to work in the hotel. I don't want to see you tire yourself out. How about you open a store instead? That way, you wouldn't have too much work to do."

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