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   Chapter 927 Second Chances and Familiar Faces

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8882

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James's eyes widened in surprise as Nora suddenly asked for truce with him.

He could not help but stifle a laugh and asked in disbelief, "Are you kidding me?"

"I am serious! I meant what I said. After you broke up with me, all I had left was to think about you, and you know what I realized? Of all the men I have dated before, you are the richest among them and the one who took care of me the most," Nora replied. Her face was filled with sincerity.

Even though Nora showed no sign of deceit, Jean's mind was immediately filled with a string of question marks. 'Did she just compliment James right now? Was that really a compliment though? Did she really think about what she just said, or does she not have a brain?' she thought to herself as she was lying on the sickbed.

"Oh, really? Then, what did you think of the man you slept with in J Hotel that day, huh? Was he not caring enough for you?" James asked blandly. He looked at Nora as if her standing here made her look ridiculous, more now that what she said sounded like a joke.

As he stared at Nora, James was taken deep into introspection and wondered why he took a liking on her in the first place. She was a woman without any grace and worse, a woman who was able to cheat on him behind his back.

"Oh no, not at all. He can only hold out for five minutes. Imagine, five minutes! How can I still stay with him?" Nora shook her head as she replied.

Hearing Nora's words made James's face turn bright red. He took a glance at Jean in embarrassment and felt ultimately awkward to talk about this kind of topic in front of Jean, so he grabbed Nora's arm and led her out of the room. "Let's talk outside, shall we?"

Nora nodded in assent even though James could not see her. She turned to Jean and back to James before pouting and remarked, "James, you are too strong for a fragile woman like her. It's been nearly two hours, and it's almost more than she can bear. I am the woman suited for you best, so please come back to my life, okay?"

James turned more red and wondered whether Jean heard that. He immediately clamped over Nora's mouth as he snapped at her. "Enough! Can you just please stop talking even for a minute?" Annoyance just filled James as he quickly pushed Nora out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Then, he let go of Nora and stared at her depressingly and with pity.

He brushed his hand through his hair in frustration before turning to face Nora. "First of all, let's make things clear. I do not have any plans of patching up anything with you. We are not compatible, do you hear me? To be really honest, I now think that it was a stupid deci

a Chinese woman like her.

So, why didn't they? Then again, she did become stronger than before, which meant that she did go to the gym to work out, but where? Where does she go to?

Jean, where are you?' Zed mused to himself as he droved around the neighborhood helplessly. Starting to panic with worry, Zed continued to aimlessly search for Jean.

He even turned to look at all the women walking by the street, but none of them was Jean.

As he stopped at the red light and waited for it to turn green, Zed noticed an LED screen and turned his attention to it. It was broadcasting some local business news. A picture of a man flashed on the screen, and Zed felt like he was a bit familiar to him.

"That man seems familiar. Who is he?" Zed muttered to himself as he stared at the man, searching his mind for an answer.

Finally, he recalled the moment he saw the man. Zed had met him at home when Jean was planning to subscribe to a gym, and the man said he worked in a gym.

Zed's eyebrows furrowed into a frown. He was confused and turned to look at the introduction of the man displayed on the screen. "I thought he was working in a gym. Why is he a businessman now?"

Zed wanted to figure out what was going on, but first, he needed to find Jean.

He got his phone again and dialed Jean's number over and over, hoping her phone was turned on this time, but to no avail. Zed had no choice but to call the police and was immediately asked to head to the police station to explain what happened.

After all the procedures, Zed headed home with a heavy heart. Zed and James drove past the same intersection. With just a simple glance, Zed recognized James immediately, but both of them were driving a car, so James disappeared soon from Zed's sight.

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