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   Chapter 926 You Cheated On Me

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Jean clenched her fists, and her fingernails dug into her palms. Tears coursed down her cheeks.

She couldn't hear the voice of the person whom Zed was talking to. But judging by his words, she was certain that it was Julie on the other end of the line.

"Looks like something is definitely going on between them. After all, he is wondering how to get my consent. Zed, how could you do this to me? Looks like I married the wrong person!" Jean muttered, boiling with anger.

She strode into the lift and stormed out of the hotel.

Distracted by her thoughts, she strolled along the street aimlessly. All of a sudden, she felt churning pain in her lower abdomen. Face turning pallid, she grimaced in anguish and cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

Clutching her lower abdomen, she plodded forward. When she reached a bus stop, she couldn't endure the pain any longer. Squatting down, she took out her cell phone with her shaking hand.

The first person she thought of was Zed, so she called him.

"The subscriber you have called is currently busy. Please try again later..."

Jean sneered, "Are you still talking to your lover? Zed, you son of a bitch..."

At the sight of her pale face, a middle-aged woman, who was waiting for her bus, came closer to her. "Miss, are you all right? Do you need any help?" she inquired.

Jean looked up at the kind woman with gratitude and replied, "I have a stomach pain. Could you help me hail a cab? I need to go to the hospital."

"Sure. Hold on!" the woman said and rushed to call her a cab.

She helped Jean into the vehicle. On the way to the hospital, Jean kept calling Zed, but couldn't get through because he was still on the phone with Julie.

Her phone battery was about to die. She was extremely disappointed with Zed. She fell apart at the thought that her husband was busy talking to his lover and she had to turn to some stranger for help.

Her cell phone was running dangerously low on power, but Zed hadn't called her back yet. Desperately, she closed her eyes.



simistic. You don't have any proof that he has betrayed you, right? Perhaps this is all just a misunderstanding," James comforted her.

Jean held his hand and said gratefully, "Thank you so much."

Noting that she had cheered up slightly, James smiled. He said, "I told you, we are two of a kind. When I help you, I learn a lot too."

At this point, the door was pushed open.

James' ex-girlfriend, Nora, stood at the door with clenched fists. She was in a white uniform.

It suddenly dawned on James that Nora worked there.

"James, you've betrayed me too! How could you blame me for cheating on you when you are doing the same thing?" Nora huffed, glaring at James.

The sight of James and Jean holding hands infuriated her even more.

She strode towards him, grabbed his arm and forced him to get up. Pointing at Jean, she thundered, "This woman is mad. What's so nice about her? I can't believe that you would choose her over me."

James didn't think it necessary to explain their relationship to Nora. Removing her hand from his arm, he said, "What about you? Do you think you're some kind of saint? You cheated on me. But now, you've come to blame me. You're ridiculous."

"But you betrayed me too. We're even now. Now that we've both made mistakes, perhaps we can get over this and get back together. What do you say?" Nora proposed in a soft tone.

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