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   Chapter 925 Rumors About Zed And Julie

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Apple Characters: 7814

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"I brought some desserts for you all. You can share them around with the other colleagues during lunch," Jean said with a friendly smile while handing the cakes over to the receptionists.

"Mm...They smell delicious. Thank you!" one of the receptionists from the front desk gushed.

"How is the hotel going?" Jean inquired, trying to start a conversation with them.

Jean had caused a scene in the suite the other day, and she was sure that all of the staff working in the hotel must have heard about it. So she took the initiative to bring the cakes and chat with the receptionists hoping that she could change the way the staff thought about her.

After chitchatting with them for a while, the receptionists felt more comfortable with Jean. They invited her to sit next to them at the front desk. Jean kept an eye on her phone to check the time while listening to the girls talking about the gossip that had happened at the hotel.

"I think Julie is really pathetic. Her mother is addicted to gambling. Mrs. Qi, please remind Mr. Qi not to give money to Julie's mother again. Julie's mother has been here several times trying to borrow money from us," one of the girls said.

Upon hearing that, Jean sat up straight instantly. "Why would Zed give money to Julie's mother? Can you tell me what happened?" Jean asked.

Jean couldn't help but bombard the girls with many questions, and once the girls filled her in on what was going on, her face darkened with anxiety. Her heart contorted as she found it difficult to breathe normally.

"Is Miss Julie on holiday now?" Jean inquired, trying to sound as calm as she could.

"Yes, she is. She has taken a couple of days off. I don't know what's going on, but Mr. Qi didn't dock her pay. It's so unfair. She's only been here for a short time, but now she gets to have paid leave..."

While one of the receptionists spoke to Jean, the other one nudged her and gave her a hint with a wink.

Her colleague caught on immediately, stopping mid-sentence and then glanced nervously at Jean. When she looked at Jean, she found that her face had already paled, but it was too late to take the words back. She had already said too much.

"Don't forget to bring the desserts with you when you go to the canteen for lunch," Jean urged, flashing them an embarrassed smile. Th

she withdrew her hands from his and got up.

Zed's phone kept vibrating incessantly.

"What about dinner?" Zed inquired, standing up as well.

"You have many things to take care of and don't have the spare time to have dinner with me. Perhaps I'll grab something to eat when I'm hungry later on," Jean replied, heading for the door. "I have to go. See you around."

Zed stood still while he watched her leave. When he made sure that Jean was gone, Zed hurried to his desk and pulled his phone out of the drawer.

The caller ID on the screen was Julie.

He grabbed the tissues from his desk and wiped the cold sweat beads from his forehead while answering the phone. "You know what? My wife just came by! When I didn't answer your call, you should have stopped calling me. You almost got me into trouble," he complained.

After being criticized by Zed, Julie got peeved too and retorted, "I didn't put a camera in your office. How would I know that your wife was with you?   When will you let me go back to work? My mom dropped by the hotel to check on me several times, and she even borrowed money from my colleagues. I need to return to work soon."

"I know that I've put you in a difficult situation. But can you wait a couple more days? For my sake. As soon as I reach an agreement with my wife. I'll let you know when to come back to work, okay?" Zed requested.

Unbeknown to Zed, Jean had been eavesdropping on the whole telephone conversation that Zed had with Julie. She became frozen in her tracks when she heard what he had said.

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